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Swiss Police Make A Dance Video To Help Raise Public Spirits


Dec 9, 2022

Police in Switzerland have created their own brilliant dance video to ‘Jerusalema’, a song that became a worldwide dance in 2020. Their aim was to raise spirits, entertain and create a sense of togetherness throughout recent difficult times. Watch their wonderful creation below.

The police in Switzerland are called “Zugar Polizei”, shown in the video above enjoying themselves and spreading happiness at a time when their country most needs it. The Zugar Polizei have since challenged other police forces around Europe to create their own version of the dance, further fueling the 2020 hashtag #JerusalemaChellenge. The Irish, always up for a laugh, have already accepted and created their own version which you can watch below.

During the 4 minute video, the Swiss law enforcement officers were seen dancing in multiple different locations. They shared this video on their official social media channels and have seen over 8 million views on Facebook alone. The video continues to be shared around the world, providing people with much-needed entertainment.

We’ll update this article if more police forces take up the challenge!

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