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When Il Divo Captivated Audience with Beautiful Version of “I Will Always Love You”


Nov 27, 2022

Il Divo is one of those operatic groups that have been around for as long as we can remember. In essence, they are a multinational collaboration of tenors, created from the grindstone that is Simon Cowell’s music workshop.

The group is made up of Urs Buhler, Carlos Marin, David Miller and Sebastien Izambard. All of the members hail from different countries, these being Switzerland, Spain, United States and France.

The group formed in 2003 and up to now have released over ten albums, all featuring some stunning performances from the good-looking chaps. They have been a great success on a global scale, touring throughout the world, playing to millions of people.

In just their first tour they sold over two million tickets and performed in 69 cities across 18 countries, not bad considering that was their first venture into the world circuit.

In one of their performances featured here, you can see the quartet dressed to impress in uniform black suits performing a truly fantastic version of the Dolly Parton hit “ I Will Always Love You.” This is definitely a crowd-pleaser, as the group starts to sing the chorus the crowd listens, captivated by their performance. It’s a great watch and well worth a few minutes of your day.

Il Divo is an extraordinary group of singers, performing for well over a decade and showing no signs of stopping or slowing down, and who can blame them.

To see more of Il Divo’s performances, you can visit their website or head over to their YouTube channel. If you want to see more from this brilliant group of singers go to their official website or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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