The 11-year-old piano prodigy with autism shares a surprise about his MOZART-like talent…


Jul 4, 2023
An 11-year-old piano prodigy born with autism proclaims that the inspiration behind his Mozart-level talent was because of God.

Baby Born With Autism

Jude Kofie was born with low oxygen levels, which caused complications as an infant. He also had to go through heart surgery in order to survive. As a result, he grew up living with a feeding tube. When he reached eight years old, his doctor allowed the tube to be removed. Years later, the young boy amazingly recovered, and his family calls him a “blessing.”

Piano Prodigy Kid

Discovering The Piano Prodigy Boy

At ten years old, Jude’s father, Isaiah Kofie, discovered his son’s incredible talent. He was watching the news at home when he suddenly heard someone play the small keyboard in their basement. To his amazement, his son played music he just heard. And the dad realized that Jude “could basically hear anything and then figure out how to play it immediately.”

Apparently, Isaiah used to dream of becoming a musician who plays on a big stage. In his local home, he was a musician. But his dream never came true, especially when he moved to America from Ghana. Thankfully, his son received divine talent and also became a musician.

Mozart-Level Talent

In his appearance to Denver7, Jude played the television program’s jingle without difficulty. After appearing on TV, many media outlets reached out to the boy. And when a professional piano tuner saw him, he proclaimed that the young boy had a “Mozart-level talent.” Believing in Jude made him use his father’s inheritance to buy the boy his own grand piano.

Today, the 11-year-old is sharing his piano performances on YouTube. According to the report, he also plays piano as the lead keyboardist in their church.

Jude’s father credits his son’s uniqueness and Mozart-level talent to “God alone.” Jude also added that “it’s a miracle.”

Further, in an interview with CBS Miami, Jude revealed the motivation behind his talent. And he said, “I was inspired by God.”

Boy with autism surprises parents with musical ‘miracle’

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