Annie Lennox And Her Daughter, Lola, Sing A Magical Live Rendition Of “There Must Be An Angel”


Feb 15, 2023

Annie Lennox needs no introduction. Lola Lennox is the professional name of her 32-year-old daughter Lola Lennox Fruchtmann. Lola studied singing at the Royal Academy, London, before embarking on a music career. She released her debut single In the Wild in February 2020. On 18 April 2020, Lola and Annie Lennox performed together for Global Citizen

The One World: Together At Home concert was a Covid19 support concert. Lola and Annie chose to sing the Eurythmics’s hit, There Must Be An Angel. On 1 December 2021, World Aids Day, the mother and daughter sang the same track for the Mothers2Mothers HIV-support charity’s 20th-anniversary gala in London. Annie Lennox is the M2M patron. Take a look:

Annie Lennox is a true professional and, according to VH1, “the greatest white soul singer alive”. More realistically, Rolling Stone ranked her as one of the greatest singers of all time. It is no surprise that her performance is superb. As Renee M comments, “Annie still has the pipes!”. Lola has a fine voice, though it is not yet as soulful and distinctive as her mother’s. Be that as it may, watching the video you see how much pleasure and pride Annie Lennox feels when her daughter sings.

A particular pleasure of the video is the clear view one has of Annie Lennox’s piano playing. She really gets the groove. The fun Annie and Lola have with their closing harmony is also special. There are a number of Lola and Annie Lennox duets on YouTube. One of the most recent is a performance of Lola’s 2021 single Wherever You Go with the BBC Concert Orchestra. Charles Grey comments “WOW!!! The chemistry of the two voices is amazing, … bursted into tears, could not help myself”.

At the beginning of 2020, Annie Lennox and her third husband Mitch Besser relocated to Los Angeles from London. This was fortunate as both Lola and her sister, the model Tali Lennox, live in LA. When Covid19 restrictions hit, the family was still able to spend time together. Being in the same city also enabled Lola and Annie to perform together on the Lady Gaga-coordinated One World: Together At Home concert. It further enabled Annie Lennox to executive produce Lola’s solo releases.

Lola comments that while she works on the music in a studio on her mother’s property with her boyfriend producer, Braeden Wright, Annie Lennox pops in from time to time and offers insights. “We all get on really well. We each have a role to play that balances out the team really nicely. I’ve learned a lot from seeing my mum, how she sees music and how musical ideas come to her”. Lola jokes that her mother has ideas “coming out of her ears.” She adds that her mother’s ideas have been particularly useful in turning her music from demos into fully realised songs.

Lola Lennox cites Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and Dusty Springfield as influences on her singing style. Not forgetting her acclaimed mother, of course.

If you would like to see more from Lola Lennox, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook. If you would like to see more from Annie Lennox, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook.

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