Busker Sings “Time to Say Goodbye” In Street Performance Worthy Of Main Stage


Dec 13, 2022

Marshall Richards Boston Opera Guy

This is Marshall Richards, a 36-year-old tenor who became well known around Boston for performing live in the streets. He is known as “The Boston Opera Guy” and he is simply awesome.

His voice has the quality and power to pull off classics such as “Ave Maria”, “Nessun Dorma” and as seen in the video below performing on the streets, “Time To Say Goodbye”. It’s not often you see a classical-style busker performing on the streets, especially with this level of quality!

Marshall is originally from Mobile, Alabama and has featured in titles such as The Boston Globe, Channel 5’s Chronicle, and The Harvard Crimson. Always eager to learn, perfect and master his trade, in 2017 he took an intensive educational course at The Bach Institute with Emmanuel Music in Boston.

Marshall has also played the role of “Tamino” in Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte”, as part of The Berlin Opera Academy in Germany. He truly is an astonishing talent worthy of any stage, street or show. In the video below, Marshall can be seen once again performing on the streets for passers-by with nothing backing him up but his sensational voice.

Marshall’s street performances are actually a brilliant marketing tactic as he explains, “I’ve been in Boston since March 15. That’s when I moved to town. Busking is just my way of getting myself out there and “singing for my supper,” so they say…. Before I moved here, I was in New Orleans busking full-time and calling myself the New Orleans Opera Guy. [The name] “The Boston Opera Guy” is a way for people to remember me so they can look me up later online. I can tell people my name, and most people are not going to remember that a few hours later. But if I tell people “The Boston Opera Guy,” then it sticks in their head, and then they go home and they like my Facebook page.”

So, if you enjoyed listening to this brilliant tenor singer, make sure you head over to his Instagram and click the follow button for more brilliant videos.

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