Inspirational Ballerina Without Arms Shows Incredible Strength And Skill Hitting 11M Views


Feb 24, 2023

Meet Vitoria Bueno, a talented Brazilian dancer whose performances have gone viral across the internet. She appeared on America’s Got Talent: All Stars where she danced ballet exquisitely and wowed the judges.

Vitoria can do everything any other dancer can do and more, but she is different. Due to a genetic condition called phocomelia, Vitoria was born without arms. Vitoria was born in Santa Rita do Sapucai, a small town in the Minas Gerais area in Brazil. She began receiving physiotherapy when she was very young to help her manage her condition

It was her physiotherapist that suggested ballet as a way of strengthening her body. Vitoria’s mother was a nervous wreck when she dropped her off for her first class when she was five years old. She had already had to deal with the pain caused by her daughter being treated as an oddity by her neighbours.

Wanda was deeply wounded by the fact that people would literally line up outside her house to look at her daughter. ‘They would lift up her sleeves to look,’ she says, obviously still hurt by their insensitivity towards her little girl. She was concerned that this behaviour would carry over into Vitoria’s ballet class and she wouldn’t fit in.

However, Vitoria proved her mother, and everyone else, wrong. She proved to be a gifted dancer and did not let her lack of arms hold her back one bit. She explains, “For me, arms, they’re just a detail. I follow with my eyes, as if they were there.” Her conviction and skill are such that if you watch one of the many videos she has posted to social media it’s easy to miss that she is different. Impeccably dressed in tulle and lace, she floats in perfect unison with the other dancers. All you notice is the beautiful dancing.

When Vitoria began to upload videos of her dances she was seen as an inspiration by many of her fellow Brazilians. Then in 2021, her fame spread when she appeared on Das Supertalent, the German version of the X Got Talent shows. Her confidence, beauty and flawless dancing blew the judges away. She received the Golden Buzzer and went straight through to the live shows. She ultimately finished second which lead to her invite to the All Stars series.

Since then, her fame has skyrocketed. She now has 464,000 followers on her Instagram channel and her performance on All Stars was viewed over 11 million times in just a few months! If you’ve never seen the video, you must watch it; it’s beautiful. Vitoria initially appears with a friend, the daughter of her dance teacher who translates for her. Then she starts to dance, though, the stage is hers and hers alone. She dances to You Say by Lauren Daigle, a tune whose message relates perfectly to Vitoria’s journey. It’s impossible to watch without a few tears in your eyes.

Once you’ve finished, if you want something a little more upbeat, here’s the performance that won Vitoria her Golden Buzzer. It seems clear this young lady has a big future ahead of her. If you want to see more from Vitoria Bueno, you can follow her on Instagram.


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