This Opera Version Of “Last Christmas” Has Got People Confused


Jan 13, 2023

An opera version of George Michael and Wham’s festive hit song “Last Christmas” has been circulating social networks recently and judging from the many comments, people have mixed feelings.

The four performers clearly have exceptional singing talent, despite not knowing the words to Last Christmas without sheet lyrics. However, it seems that some people feel this could be the worst Christmas remake ever. We’ll let you decide for yourself, watch it below.

The performers include Natalia Ushakova – Soprano, Vesselina Kasarova – Mezzo, Dmitry Korchak – Tenor and Sebastian Huppman – Baritone.

Greg James, a radio host on BBC Radio 1, Tweeted the video earlier today stating, “This version will replace the original as of tomorrow morning on @BBCR1”. We’re pretty sure there is sarcasm in there, although it will be great if there isn’t!

The backing choir and orchestra also deserve a mention. The quality of all the performers on stage is clear to see, which is probably why it almost feels like a parody when actually it’s deadly serious.

Either way, we hope you’ve enjoyed this magical version of Last Christmas, the opera Christmas song you never knew you needed.

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