3-Year-Old Violin Prodigy Mesmerizes Thousands at André Rieu Concert

Bythu lita

Jan 14, 2024


André Rieu Introduces a 3-Year-old Violin Prodigy

André Rieu is a Dutch violinist from the Netherlands. Rieu is known for conducting the Johann Strauss Orchestra. As a 60-piece orchestra, the Johann Strauss Orchestra is considered to be the largest private orchestra worldwide.

At one of Rieu’s concerts in 2004, Rieu introduced a 3-year-old violin prodigy, named Akim Camara. Rieu was contacted by Camara’s musical teacher, informing Rieu of how talented Camara was at such a young age. After being sent videos of Camara playing, Rieu invited the youngster to play on stage in Limburg Stadion, the Netherlands – he didn’t disappoint!

Rieu is globally renowned as the ‘King of the Waltz’, selling over 40 million CDs and DVDs of his performances and transforming classical and waltz music into a global phenomenon. Rieu has toured internationally and will continue to throughout 2022, demonstrating the musical talent of him and his orchestra.

Camara began playing the violin at the age of 2. After watching a violin concert, he set his eyes on playing the violin himself. His mother bought him a violin and he has continued to play ever since.

At 2 and a half, he started at the Marzahn-Hellersdorf School of Music in Berlin, and at 3, he began lessons with musical training coach, Birgit Thiele. At first, Camara played twice a week, partaking in 45-minute sessions. During these sessions, Camara learnt musical notes and began to learn to play the violin quickly. While others his age were adjusting to the world and learning how to talk, this prodigy was already miles ahead.

In the video, Camara shows his charming characteristics by performing a trick using a water bottle for the audience. He drinks the water, puts the bottle to his ear, and spits out the water. The audience burst into laughter and warm up to this act. He performs his trick a few more times before playing the violin. Take a look at him grown up playing in the video below, he is around 11 years old.

Camara then plays Ferdinand Küchler’s violin concertino in G to an audience of over 18,000 people. While they were entertained by Camara’s opening entrance, they were even more enamoured by his musical talent. Counted in by Rieu, and backed up by the Johann Strauss Orchestra, Camara plays the violin incredibly.


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