A Heartwarming Duet with 100-Year-Old Pianist Harold Chilton and His Great-Grandchild

Bythu lita

Jan 10, 2024

Watch this adorable moment as professional pianist Harold Chilton plays piano with his 3-year-old great-granddaughter.

Mom Shana Wyban recently posted a video of her three-year-old daughter sitting alongside her great-grandfather at the piano.

Despite the near 100-year difference, the pair seemed in perfect harmony as they played their very own tune. With the gentle encouragement of the distinguished piano player Harold Chilton, his great-grandchild happily played along, adding a few dramatic hand movements to the occasion.

The charming moment between the two family members will not only put a smile on your face, it will also make you appreciate just how imperative it is for generations to come together and share their talents, joy, and love for each other.

Wyban shared in her post, “They do have lots of fun together! She LOVES to play with grampapa, and although I don’t know if she is quite the prodigy he was, he loves to play with her too!”

She added:

He can make anybody sound good! I love these moments. I love that she will have memories to look back on. Every day is a gift.”

The centenarian from Arkansas started his own musical career as a child, too, playing the harmonica and ukulele. He then went on to play the accordion, guitar, and piano, before joining the US Marine Corps where he played the French horn in the Marine band.

The accomplished musician credits his old age to his many interests, which include making recordings of his music for loved ones. Perhaps when his mini prodigy is a little older, she might feature in these recordings, too!

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