A Little Girl Grabs the Mic from a Busker and Serenades the Crowd with an Angelic Rendition of ‘Ave Maria’

Bythu lita

Jan 29, 2024

Street performers are usually the one’s who surprise us.

When you’re engaging in good old outdoor dining or a walk, it can always be an extra treat to get a surprise performance.

And street performers have to work for their cash.

Which means you can be sure there’s effort in that performance.

Vincent van Hessen is a street performer himself, but he was the one who got a surprise performance on this day.

On a day in June, Vincent was performing for a large crowd enjoying their meals.

This is what he lived for, and he probably wanted a little distraction while he did what he loved.

But a man came up to him who seemed eager to tell him something.

Vincent ignored him for the time being, thinking it’d be inappropriate to stop performing for 50 people because someone wanted his attention.

So Vincent kept performing, but the man remained there.

Whatever he had to say, it was probably important.

When his time came to speak, he told Vincent, “I have a young star here, and she’d like to sing with you.”

Vincent expected another overconfident amateur who could barely sing.

He’s seen lots of them in his years, and I can’t exactly blame him for thinking this was another one of those.

But the man insisted this girl knew what she was doing, so Vincent heard him out and let the girl come up.

She wanted to sing “Ave Maria,” a pretty hard song to perform.

Already, the seasoned performer was surprised that such a young girl would pick this song.

The girl asked her father if she should do the song in the key of F or G.

Her father said, “Amira, it’s best if you do it in G!”

Vincent was taken aback when he heard the name “Amira,” because he’d heard that name before.

He last heard that name from a contestant on “Holland’s Got Talent” named Amira Willighagen.

And standing beside him was that very same girl. What are the odds?

Now was his chance to hear the famous Amira Willighagen in person.

Suddenly, he felt like he shouldn’t have been so dismissive earlier.

And Vincent was immediately humbled by her singing.

Amira made it look easy. Her soprano voice was sweeter than honey, and her tone and breath were masterful.

All Vincent could do was play the guitar as well as he could to keep up with her.

So this is what a singing prodigy sounds like, huh?

The restaurant guests and passersby all turn heads and look to Amira.

Rarely do you get to hear singing that sounds straight out of an angel.

Amira amazed Vincent and the crowd. And to think that Vincent almost didn’t let her sing!

In fact, Vincent said he even had trouble focusing on playing the guitar because he was so shocked and awe-struck by Amira’s voice.

Just how good is she, then? Hear her sing for yourself in the video below!

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