A Musical Showcase of the Breathtaking Harp Guitar’s Visual and Auditory Brilliance

Bythu lita

Jan 12, 2024

Muriel Anderson Plays The Harp Guitar

Muriel shows off her harp guitar made by master craftsman Mike Doolin of Portland, Oregon. If you’ve never seen a harp guitar before, this video is great because as well as listening to Muriel’s exquisite playing, she also describes how it is played and all the work that goes into building one.

The video concludes with Muriel playing her own arrangement of Don Mclean’s Vincent. It’s incredible to hear a tune you know so well sound so different. Throughout the whole number, Muriel’s skill, musicality and love for her instrument shines through. So take a quiet moment for yourself and enjoy the beauty of this tune.

Who Is Muriel Anderson?

Muriel Anderson is a woman of many musical talents. As a child, she was already learning piano, and then at eight years old, she received a guitar from a family friend who was going to throw it away.

She learned to play the guitar at Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago throughout high school. Later, she played in her school’s jazz band and helped set up a bluegrass band and performed with them through her college years. Watch the full video below.

Seemingly not content with these achievements, Muriel also learned to play the harp guitar and began composing. As she was learning to play so many instruments, it’s impressive that she became so adept at the guitar. Muriel became masterful at fingerstyle playing and became the first woman to win the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship. If you haven’t seen any of her guitar videos on YouTube, they are well worth watching.

That said, Muriel has uploaded even more impressive videos. They are ones where she plays the harp guitar. If you’ve never seen, one it’s exactly as it sounds; a combination of a guitar and harp. The instrument looks more like a guitar but gains the harp name because, unlike guitars, where the strings press against the neck, the strings are open like a harp.

Muriel’s dexterity and skill when playing this unique instrument is truly a marvel to behold. For most of us, learning a guitar is complicated enough; a harp guitar seems mind-boggling! If you’ve never watched her videos before, why not start with this one?

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