Judges Skeptical of His Girly Voice, Astonished by His Sinatra Sound

Bythu lita

Mar 8, 2024

People with weird obsessions are nothing new to American Idol. Some of them are cringe, some of them hilarious. But those weird traits are easy to accept if they have the right voice.

When 16-year-old contestant Zack D’Onofrio from West Chapel, Florida, starts pulling his pants up and handing out brightly colored socks to the judges, it’s a little strange. Even though the judges say it’s okay, I was thinking that they were thinking, “OK, this guy is a little weird. Plus his voice sounds pretty girly….”

And he tells them he’s going to sing Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight,” which is by no means a song or persona that caters to a girly voice. And he says he’s only been singing for about a year. So yes, they look a bit skeptical.

But all of that weirdness and inexperience and girly voice stuff goes out the window the minute Zack starts singing. Katie Perry giggles. In fact, all the judges love it so much that they get up from their chairs to start moving around and dancing with him! With a voice like that, I wouldn’t be able to resist either.

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