Ronan Keating’s Heartfelt Duet with 11-Year-Old Daughter Ali Will Melt Your Heart

Bythu lita

Feb 1, 2024

In 1999, Ronan Keating embarked on a successful solo career after gaining fame with Boyzone. His solo breakthrough came with the single “When You Say Nothing At All,” prominently featured in the movie Notting Hill (1999). As a solo artist, Keating achieved considerable success, rivaling Boyzone’s accomplishments. Additionally, he became known as a talent show host in Australia, Germany, and the UK.

Our featured video is from Keating’s tour supporting his tenth solo album, “Time of My Life” (2016). The song, “You Think I Don’t Remember,” a collaboration with Peter-John Vettese and Dan Healy, is a poignant reflection on Keating’s Irish upbringing. In this live performance from Dublin in September 2016, Keating is joined by his talented 11-year-old daughter, Ali.

Ali, displaying remarkable confidence, sings every word with joy. Viewers express admiration for the heartwarming father-daughter moment, with one commenter stating, “The little girl was so nervous at the start, but her father held her by the hand and steadied her… God’s blessings always upon you and yours Ronan!” Another praises Keating’s parenting, “Ronan’s constant hugs make his daughter confident as they sing. What a loving and caring father.”

Various videos from different tour shows feature Ali joining her father for the song, showcasing her growing confidence. A notable “kitchen session” version, released on June 3, 2016, features Keating, co-writer Dan Healy, guitarist Greg Bone, and backing vocalist Jo Garland. This intimate rendition also includes Keating’s father, Gerry Keating, and his daughter Ali.

Born in 2005, Ali is Keating’s youngest child from his first marriage. Despite facing challenges, including a serious pony-riding accident in 2018, Ali demonstrated resilience. In 2023, she qualified for the prestigious Longines Dublin Horse Show and expressed her determination to carve her path in showjumping. Ali, emphasizing her independence, stated, “I want to stand on my own two feet and know that I put in the hard work and had the determination.” You go, girl!

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