The Judges Roll Their Eyes at These 5 Men – But Everything Changes When the Music Begins

Bythu lita

Mar 6, 2024

When you get older, things slow down for most of us. We’re typically not as strong, not as fast, not as limber–in other words we just can’t move like we used to. Of course, there are exceptions, as this video shows us.


When these five men came on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent the judges were quite skeptical about them. They had no clue what they were there for. This “Old Men Grooving” group was actually welcomed by quite a lot of rolling eyes.

But once the music kicked in, things took no time in taking a wholesome change. As soon as the music started these dads came up with the most amazing hip hop and street dance routine that not only left the judges stunned but also the entire crowd cheering.

Well, the show truly had not expected to get this wonderful surprise from this group of five. These men show us that not everyone slows down as they get older–some of us, like fine wine, just get better.

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