The Now Telling Tragedy of The Musical Genius Mozart’s Sister

Bythu lita

Dec 17, 2023

The older sister of the genius composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is Maria Anna Mozart, commonly known as Nannerl. She was recognized throughout Europe as having musical talent no less than that of her younger brother.

Mozart’s father, Leopold Mozart, was a musician and taught harpsichord to both Mozart sisters at the same time. At that time, his sister was 8 years old, and Mozart was only 3 years old.

The painting shows Mozart's father teaching his two children music lessons. From left to right are sister Nannerl, Mozart and Mozart's father.
The painting shows Mozart’s father teaching his two children music lessons. From left to right are Nannerl, Mozart, and Mozart’s father.

In the 1960s of the 18th century, Nannerl toured the piano in several European countries, such as Austria, France, England, etc. Wherever she went, she was praised and recognized for her outstanding musical talent.

She was considered the most skilled piano player in Europe when she was only 12 years old.

However, the feudal society of that time did not allow girls like Nannerl to develop musical inclinations. By the time she was 18 years old, Mozart’s father had no choice but to let his daughter go on tour again. She had to stay home and study home economics to get married.

Because if Nannerl continues to perform, it will affect the reputation of Mozart’s father and son’s musical careers. European feudal society at that time considered women playing the piano for fun no different from girls in a brothel.

Portrait of the genius composer Mozart.
Portrait of the genius composer Mozart.

While his father and younger brother were on tour in Italy, Nannerl had to stay at home in Salzburg (Germany). Her passion for music still burns inside her.

Even at home, Nannerl continued to compose and support her younger brother’s career until she got married. Genius Mozart also always expressed respect and praise for his sister.

Unfortunately, the musical works that Nannerl wrote have not been recorded or preserved to this day.

The musical “The Other Mozart” (roughly translated as The Second Mozart) was composed and staged by author Sylvia Milo to portray the life of a musical talent crushed by feudal society, Maria Anna Mozart.

A scene from the musical "The Other Mozart".
A scene from the musical “The Other Mozart”.

Mrs. Sylvia Milo felt sorry and pitied the musical genius Mozart’s sister, but she did not blame her father. It’s just a pity that the world cannot enjoy the works of the two eternally famous musical genius sisters.

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