Roni And Her Dogs Bring ‘NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT’ Performance on Stage, All The Judges’ Stolen

Bykieu trang

Jun 12, 2024

AMERICA’S Got Talent judge Simon Cowell has praised a recent contestant and her adorable pup.

On Tuesday night’s episode of the reality competition series, the auditions continued as the judges searched for the next $1 million winner.

During the first hour of America’s Got Talent, the judges, Sofia Vergara, 51, Heidi Klum, 51, Howie Mandel, 68, and Simon, 64, the audience, and viewers at home met a dynamic duo. In her interview before taking the stage, Roni revealed that during her childhood, she and her mom would help raise stray dogs.

A few months later, they would find the pups a loveable home. As she grew up, she loved spending time with dogs and decided that she wanted to work with animals as her job. She said, “I was [thinking, ‘What can you do with dogs?’ and that was how I discovered dog therapy. How to use dogs to help people.”AGT: See the Dog Dancer Sofia Vergara Calls "Magic" | NBC Insider

In 2022, she adopted her adorable and energetic pup Rhythm.

“He makes my dreams come true,” Roni said.

“It’s so much fun to have a partner that wants it as much as you want it.”

When it was their turn, Simon sent nothing but praise to the duo as he went backstage to talk with Roni and Rhythm.

“Rhythm is the most beautiful dog. I actually fell in love,” the former American Idol judge said.

During their performance, Roni would dance around the large stage with her pup following.

Rhythm would jump in Roni’s arms, twist through her legs, jump high in the air, do flips, and balance on two legs.

At the end of their dance, the dynamic duo received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.

Sofia spoke first, “I’m in love! The whole thing was like magic.”

Watch the heartleft performance below:

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