11 Guitar Tutorials on YouTube That You Should Watch

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 2, 2024

YouTube was launched in 2005, and it’s been growing at an exponential rate. It has caused a revolution in learning methods we couldn’t have imagined few decades back. Anything we want to learn is just a few keystrokes away. You can now learn guitar in your bedroom glued in front YouTube. There are umpteen YouTube channels where you can find guitar lessons. Because of such information overload, as a self-taught guitar player, you might get confused as to which channel to follow to learn the instrument. To avoid such confusion, we have compiled a list of top 11 guitar channels on YouTube that you should follow.

1. Justin Sandercoe

Justin Sandercoe is a UK based musician, and he runs Justin Guitar YouTube channel, where he hosts lessons right from beginner guitar lessons to complex techniques. His channel has Beginner, Intermediate, Blues, Funk guitar courses. If you would like to learn guitar from the basics, we recommend you to start from this channel.

2. Justin Sandercoe Songs

This is another YouTube channel by Justin Sandercoe himself which is dedicated to song tutorials. He teaches songs that cater to all three learning levels i.e. beginner, intermediate and expert. Currently this channel has 440+ videos.

3. Ben Eller

Ben Eller is an amazing guitarist and a great teacher. Humor is what he adds in his teaching to make the lessons interesting. He hosts guitar lessons in 2 categories:
This is why you suck at guitar: Here he teaches lead guitar techniques in depth, common mistakes that guitarists make and how to correct them.
Weekend Wankshop: Here he teaches licks, riffs to build your lick arsenal.

4. Chris Zoupa

Chris Zoupa is an Australia based guitar player. Currently his channel hosts 350+ videos and he primarily teaches guitar solos on his channel. If you are looking to learn guitar solos of bands from hard rock and metal genres, Chris Zoupa is the guy!

5. Creative Guitar Studio

Creative Guitar Studio is run by Andrew Wasson who is a GIT alumnus. He focuses on music theory, scales, modes, chords, arpeggios, rhythms etc and genres like Blues and Jazz. If you are intermediate or advanced level guitar player, looking to raise the ante, you should follow this channel.

6. Guitar Lesson 365

This channel currently has 200+ videos, and is run by Carl Brown. Carl teaches guitar techniques, music theory, play in the style of various guitarists, and licks. If you want to add something new in your playing to spice it up, follow this channel.

7. Guitar Lesson 365 Songs

This is another channel by Carl Brown. This channel has whooping 800+ videos and has songs for various bands and artists. Subscribe to this channel, if you are looking to build your repertoire.

8. Steve Stine

Steve Stine is the founder of guitarzoom.com and he hosts 250+ videos on his channel. He teaches songs, playing techniques, licks, breaks down playing style of various guitarists. Another channel if you are looking to improve your technique and build repertoire.

9. Rob Chapman

Rob Chapman is one hell of a guitar player. He plays with his band called Dorje. He also started his guitar production under the brand name of Chapman Guitars. There are 1700+ videos on his channels, and he teaches music theory, techniques, licks, riffs and product demos and reviews. Basically, you can find everything on his channel!

10. Texas Blues Alley

If you want to make dramatic improvements in your blues playing, follow this channel you must! Anthony Stauffer runs this channel and has 350+ videos on the channel. He teaches blues lead, rhythm, licks and lessons inspired by artists like Jimi Hendrix, SRV, B.B. King and Albert King.

11. Theodore Ziras

Theodore Ziras is a mad shredder and teaches you how to become one! His lessons focus on shred guitar techniques and licks in the style of some of the most kickass shredders. He started this channel with a weekly series called Lick of the Week, but later stopped it and started a new series called Guitar Stories. If you swear by Yngwie Malmsteen, subscribe to this channel.

Although this list is not comprehensive, it should give a solid ground if you are just staring out or looking to expand your repertoire. If you have been following any other guitar tutors, let us know in comments!

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