11-Year-Old Was Planted In The ‘Agt’ Audience, Gets Golden Buzzer After Shocking Judges

ByQuyen Anne

Nov 1, 2023

One of the greatest things about the X Got Talent programs is being blown away by alerted performers you never expected. That’s what happened on America’s Got Talent in June 2022. Eleven-year-old Madison Taylor Baez stunned the audience and the judges with her audition of Amazing Grace.

We see Madison with her dad during a commercial break. He explains AGT started when she was only four, and every year she asked when she could appear on the show. She was obviously thrilled and so excited to be there.

In a fun twist, she was asked to go out into the audience during the break to start to sing. It was a test to see if the judges noticed her. To be honest, “Noticed” is an understatement, they all appeared struck by lightning.

Simon Cowell approached her for a chat, and soon the whole audience began to chant, “on the stage!” Unable to hear her answers, Simon took Madison to the stage and allowed her to audition.

At first, she seems overcome with emotion at finally achieving her dream. There are tears on her cheeks, and she looks frozen. Then, after a moment, the audience shouts encouragement, and she begins to sing.

Her confidence and power belong in a person at least twice her age. She hits every note perfectly and nails the performance. At the end of the song, the audience goes berserk. Simon has to wait a while so he can be heard.

He explains that he always leaves during the breaks because other people sing. He tells Madison that her voice drew him back in.

When Howie Mandel asks her what she would do with a million dollars, her tears start to flow faster. At first, she seems too overwhelmed to answer and then explains that she’d give the money to her dad for cancer research. Through sobs, she tells the panel that he has been fighting stage 4 colon cancer for nine years. It’s impossible not to be moved by this talented, brave little girl.

It’s clear that the audience was won over completely. They begin to roar, firstly for the judges to vote. Simon gives a wry smile as he agrees and says, “I think I know which way this is gonna go.” Before the judges can vote, the crowd chimes in again. This time they cheer for the Golden Buzzer, and they are ecstatic when Howie gives them exactly what they want, saying “from the audience seat right to the live show.”

Unfortunately, Madison only made it to the semi-finals but she is still out there making her dreams come true. She released her debut album in 2020 which was a Christmas album named Blingle Bells. She was also chosen to star in Showtime’s Let The Right One In, a serialisation of the vampire story written by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist, in 2004.

Madison will play Eli, a vampire child who befriends a lonely boy who is being bullied. The casting process was intensive and she had to cry on command five or six times in a row. She was thrilled when she got the part. Madison is still working on her music, performing in public and uploading the shows to her YouTube channel.

Check out this stunning performance at an NFL game and you’ll see why she has the nickname, Anthem Girl. There’s surely a lot more to come. If you would like to see more from Madison Taylor Baez, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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