14-Year-Old Girl Born Without Arms Wows Judges On “Romania’s Got Talent.”

ByQuyen Anne

Nov 1, 2023

For little ones who don’t look like their peers and have disabilities, things can be pretty tough.

Thankfully, though, they at least get to go home from school or the playground to find love and happiness from their families. But for Lorelai Mosnegutu of Romania, who was born without arms or femurs, not even home offered respite when she was a tiny baby. She was abandoned by her own mother when she saw that her child had no arms, but ever since, Lorelai’s story has been one of triumph and strength.

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After a social worker adopted her, she was able to flourish, though her first few years were still filled with uncertainty.

She didn’t talk until she was three years old and she looked different than other kids her age. But after a while, the strong little girl grew confident and started developing amazing talents. She’s a painter and a skilled musician!

lorelai performance

She loved piano music so much that she learned how to play with her feet, and as it turns out, she has an incredible singing voice, too! She is so talented, in fact, that she decided to audition for “Romania’s Got Talent” back in 2017.

amazing singer

When she first walked onto the stage, people shifted in their seats and appeared to feel sorry for the 14-year-old. They had no idea that what they were about to see would be a display of strength and confidence so incredible, they’d be totally stunned.

Lorelai chose to sing and play the piano piece for LuminiÅ£a Anghel’s “A Million Stars,” and the lyrics are so appropriate:

Under the shelter of love
We will always survive
Sorrow and pain fade away, far away
Love is here to stay …
Follow your dreams, follow your heart
And always believe you are the light


Multiple judges and the vast majority of the audience cried as she performed. But it wasn’t out of pity.

It’s so clear when you see Lorelai that this is not someone who feels sorry for herself. She has risen above every obstacle life has thrown at her to find happiness and fulfillment in the things she loves.

musicians with disabilies

Wonderfully, Lorelai went on to win the whole competition!

Watch her steal every heart in the room in the video down below and share with your friends to put a smile on someone’s face.

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