Barbra Streisand And Michael Bublé Team Up For A Charming Duet

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 28, 2024

Barbra Streisand has one of the most angelic voices of her generation, so to hear any music from her is wonderful. But when she asked singer Michael Bublé to join her for a duet, the marriage of their two beautiful voices was even better. Singing the classic “It Had To Be You”, the duet was live-recorded with a full orchestra and the video detailing the process is as captivating as the song itself.

The video begins with the conductor explaining to the orchestra that Barbra and Michael will be recording together. The duo arrive to a warm welcome from the musicians, into what is a huge recording studio. Mesmerized by the scope of the room and seemingly a little nervous about the duet, Michael breaks the ice by making a joke to Barbra, stating: “This is the cheapest recording session I’ve ever had…because you’re paying for it!” The entire studio joins in laughing and everyone appears to become more relaxed.

Barbra then gives us some background on the duet, revealing: “Michael is a big band singer. So I thought, why not start it as a ballad and then have the big band take over.” This incredible idea merged two of their styles beautifully, with the the song “It Had To Be You” starting off softer before the orchestra comes in for a fun, upbeat finish.

What’s extra special about the recording is not only the two singers joining forces, but also the live band they’re recording with. Co-executive producer Jay Landers explains: “This is a rarity, to have in this case two great singers, Michael Bublé and Barbra Streisand, in vocal booths and the band playing behind them.”

In the video the pair are seen recording in their individual sound booths, while the orchestra looks grand playing in the main studio space. Barbra discussed this: “This is the way I’ve always recorded. Since my first album, I’ve recorded with an orchestra. It’s so much fun! I get inspired by what the orchestra’s playing and it makes me do other things that I haven’t thought of until that moment singing with them.”

Both Streisand and Bublé appear to be enjoying themselves greatly as they sing. Talking about the experience of singing with Barbra, Michael stated: “I was just so honored to be asked to do it. And the company that I’m in is incredible company to be keeping. I just wanted to show up and not let her down.”

Michael goes on to talk about Barbra’s talent at not only singing but becoming the character she’s performing, describing her as an incredible storyteller and actress. The admiration that both Barbra and Michael obviously have for each other is beautiful to see and it’s clear in their wonderful rendition of “It Had To Be You”.

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