Beautiful Performance By Taylor Swift, Here You Can See Her Vocal And Songwriting Skills

ByQuyen Anne

Nov 4, 2023

Yes, the song is a heartfelt ballad about love and commitment, and Taylor Swift’s performance is moving. Here you can see her vocal and songwriting skills and enjoy this beautiful song.

Taylor Swift – New Year’s Day

The lyrics are particularly moving, as they talk about the idea of staying with someone through thick and thin and the importance of being there for each other, even in the face of life’s difficulties.

This talented lady can play 4 different instruments. She knows how to play Piano, Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar.

At her early age of 12, she started learning guitar from a computer repairman and local musician Ronnie Cremer. She does plays acoustic guitar and electric as well.

For one to learn and play an instrument well it take years of practice and dedication. But Taylor knows how to play 12 string guitar. 12-string guitar looks quite difficult to play but being a very determined girl, she wanted to prove herself and to everyone else that she could could do it. And yes, she uses her TK65ce Koa 12-string guitar to create many of her amazing songs on her album.

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