Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony In Body Tap? Yes, You Can Do It

ByQuyen Anne

Oct 29, 2023

2020/2021 has taken a lot away from us, but these students would not be silenced and performed an explosive version of Beethoven’s 5th symphony using only their bodies. It’s a beautiful example of students finding a way to express themselves in a world of isolation and restriction.

These students are members of the Saint-Michel-Garicoïts de Cambo located in southwest France’s Basque region. They showed their dedication to their art by spending five months rehearsing the score, which was adapted by the school’s music teacher Nelly Guilhemsans. They were only permitted to rehearse in groups of fifty, making their synchronicity all the more impressive.

As she explains to France 3, Nelly Guilhemsans is dedicated to her pupils and wishes that even in the current sanitary situation, they may keep dreaming and expressing themselves. The video went over 500 000 views today on YouTube. A great reward for the teacher’s and her pupils’ work.

Apparently, the teacher does not plan to rest on her laurels. She has already planned her next project, but she wants to keep it a secret. This can only make her pupils happy, as they all seem as passionate as their teacher about the projects she makes. If you want to see them with proud smiles on their faces, check the video from another time, before masks were necessary, where they interpret Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony :

When they all finally came together, the result was nothing short of magical. The students clicked, clapped, slapped their legs, and stomped their feet in one of the most unique performances of this famous work that you’re ever likely to hear. Watching 185 students transform the symphony into an epic percussion piece is mesmerising, dynamic, and exciting.

Captured by drone, the students enhanced their recital by moving like a single beautiful swaying organism. They dip, wave and dance in a way that reminds you of ocean waves or flowing grasslands. This impression is helped by the beautiful location where the video was filmed. The gardens of the former home of poet Edmond Rostand is stunning. It’s no wonder that the video has received over 600,000 views in just a short time.

You could easily move this performance to a famous concert venue, and even the most passionate Beethoven fan would come away impressed. The most exciting thing about it is that it’s another example of new ways for children and young people to learn to appreciate classical music.

As one commenter said, “Very nice and intelligent way to understand classical music. Well done and thank you to these young people and their teachers!” That sums it up perfectly. Make sure to take some time to appreciate this wonderful display.

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