Blake Shelton’s Hymn Is A Song We Need To Hear Today

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 26, 2024

Since 2001, Blake Shelton has entertained many people through his television and musical performances. He has many hits that are very popular and meaningful for fans. One particular song, “Savior’s Shadow” held quite a bit of personal significance for the star.

Blake Shelton has been a household name in country music circles for quite some time. The famed singer-songwriter has a warm baritone voice and soulful eyes. He also has a laid-back and relaxed personality.

Despite his successful career, Blake has been through some rough times. In 2016, his marriage ended in divorce. His affair with Gwen Stefani was also exposed.

As Blake’s personal life hit rock bottom, he continued to write music. One of these songs is a hymn. Blake called this hit, “Savior’s Shadow.”

The lyrics to this hymn depict the singer standing in his Savior’s shadow. According to the song, the Savior’s shadow is where Blake can receive grace and comfort. This position also enables Blake to move toward freedom and light.

Although life in the Savior’s shadow provides strength, it is not free of difficulties. Throughout the song, Blake repeatedly sings, “though the devil try to break me,” as he keeps on singing and living. Despite the devil’s tactics, the singer continues to move forward.

Following his account of how the devil tried to break him down repeatedly, Blake is sure that his Savior is with him. Blake sings, “my sweet Jesus won’t forsake me,” immediately following the lyrics about the devil’s attempts. Blake’s Savior is with him until the end of the song.

Blake does more than rest in his Savior’s shadow. He also follows in his Savior footsteps over mountains and oceans. Through it all, Blake confidently asserts, “He hears my every prayer.”

At the end of the song, Blake sings, “When I’m in my Savior’s shadow, I’m who I’m supposed to be.”

How do you think Blake’s hard times shaped his faith and character? Perhaps you’ve been through a rough time and relied upon a Higher Power or wise words from others to endure. Be sure to pass this article along to strengthen others with your experiences and hope.

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