British Singer Ed Sheeran Is Lonely At The Peak Of Fame

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 7, 2024

British singer Ed Sheeran opened up about his worst moments, as well as the wealth that left him without relatives and friends…

In the interview, Ed Sheeran confessed his feelings for his wife – Cherry Seaborn. The male singer is grateful that his wife has forced him into a more scientific lifestyle with reasonable breakfasts and diets. It was his wife who showed Ed Sheeran what love was and was always by his side when he was most lonely.
These past few days, Ed Sheeran has been reading singer Elton John’s autobiography Me and admitted that there are similarities between the two, which is addiction. Up until this point, fighting addiction has been like fighting Ed Sheeran. The male singer said he feels better if he eats snacks, eats sweets, drinks alcohol and cocaine. “It’s exciting but damaging,” Ed Sheeran admits. Addiction is very difficult to control, so remember to be moderate. A moderate lifestyle is the key to salvation.”

The worst moments

The male singer admitted that the days of his tour called X Tour, which lasted 17 months from August 2014, were the time when he was in the worst mood. Worse because of eating problems, because of being drunk. “I slept on the bus all day and then woke up to do the show. Until the show ended, I drank again and got back on the bus. I haven’t seen sunlight in about 4 months. At the beginning, everything was fun but then everything became dull.”
Whenever his mood hits rock bottom, Ed Sheeran plugs into his phone for about 19 hours/day to access social networking applications . However, after the tour ended, the male singer stopped using social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of You  reached more than 3.6 billion views, is the male singer’s best-selling single with total revenue of 5.9 million USD

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Also in the interview, the male singer revealed that he no longer has friends and relatives because of his current wealth. During his time in school, Ed Sheeran said he had very few friends until he began his singing career. 11-year-old Ed Sheeran once fell in love with guitar legend Eric Clapton when he saw him appear on television. After practicing guitar, Ed Sheeran had more friends, played in the wedding band and had funds to pay the rent.
The male singer said that when he came to music, he just wanted to be creative, wanted to borrow music to express his feelings, and absolutely did not see this as a job to make money. He affirmed that not everyone who wants to be famous will be famous, so first of all, do it because you love it. As he became more famous and richer, Ed Sheeran gradually lost his relationships. “Family members started behaving strangely towards me. My friends started to distance themselves from me. For me, money is not the key to happiness,” he shared.
Ed Sheeran is on the list of 100 celebrities with the most money in 2019 (from June 1, 2018 to June 1, 2019 and without tax refund) of Forbes magazine. In particular, Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of You reached more than 3.6 billion views, being the male singer’s best-selling single with total revenue of 5.9 million USD. Recently, the male singer continued to buy more land around his house to expand into a farm and enjoy his private time when last August, he announced a break from singing for a few years to spend more time with his family. wife.

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