Charles Esten Surprises Young Cancer Survivor With A Special Invitation

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 31, 2024

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Charles Esten recently moved many hearts when he pleasantly surprised a 15-year-old cancer survivor with a heartfelt invitation.


During an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, singer and actor Charles Esten appeared not only to promote his new album but also to connect with a young fan whose journey deeply resonates with him.

Elana’s Cancer Journey

Diagnosed with cancer shortly before her eighth birthday in 2016, Elana faced a challenging period that nobody should ever have to experience. Her journey included living a year and a half in the hospital, undergoing nine cycles of chemotherapy, and receiving 15 surgeries. Even after all she had been through, Elana keeps a positive outlook on her experience.

“I like to turn my pain into opportunity,” Elana expressed to Kelly.

Now, six years cancer-free, Elana has channeled her experience with the disease into creating a positive impact. In 2020, she founded the Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit that has since raised an impressive $1.5 million. The foundation’s mission is to assist kids and families worldwide in coping with the challenges of battling cancer.

Elana shared the incredible reach of the foundation, highlighting how it has supported over 30,000 families by covering medical bills, distributing more than 3,500 goodie bags, and conducting over 2,500 celebration visits at children’s hospitals globally. Beyond her incredible contributions through her company, Elana is also a gifted singer, using her musical talents to bring comfort to children facing similar challenges.

Charles Esten’s Invitation to Elana

Charles Esten, who understands the struggles of childhood cancer first-hand, with his own daughter having to fight the disease at just two years old, surprised Elana with a remarkable opportunity as a gesture of gratitude for her efforts.

Through Charles’s generosity, Elana has been graciously invited to share her voice at Esten’s upcoming benefit concert in Nashville. Together, Charles Esten and Elana are set to create a memorable evening that touches the hearts of those who have faced the hardships of childhood cancer.

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