Chris Stapleton Shares Sweet Birthday Message For Wife Morgane

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 29, 2024

Taking to social media, country star Chris Stapleton wished his beautiful wife Morgane a happy 41st birthday yesterday (Jan. 25).

He wrote, “Whenever you do whatever you do, you’re always amazing! Happy Birthday Morgane!”

Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s love story is like the sweetest duet in country music history.

From the local scene to the big leagues of Chris’s solo career, these two have become the ultimate power couple, proving that their love is as authentic as it gets. Beyond the glitz and glam, their partnership is a real-life example of what happens when you mix shared passions, genuine connection, and a whole lot of support.

Expressing their love publicly is not a new endeavor for the couple. Stapleton has frequently shared heartfelt messages dedicated to his wife, Morgane. In turn, Morgane has also reciprocated with her own touching messages.



All About Chris Stapleton & Morgane Stapleton’s Relationship

The couple met in 2003 when they first crossed paths while working as songwriters at nearby music publishing companies.

Morgane shared with Paste Magazine in 2015, “I kinda did stalk him a little bit. I was friends with his song-plugger, and I would go hang out in her office, like, every day. That’s how we hung out for a long time.”

Chris later asked Morgane to co-write a song with him, and that became their first date. What seemed like a casual encounter set the stage for a deep and lasting connection that shaped both their personal and professional lives.

Chris and Morgane tied the knot in 2007, building their relationship on a solid foundation of respect, trust, and a shared love for music. 

Their family expanded with the birth of their son Waylon in 2009, followed by a daughter named Ada. In 2018, the Stapletons welcomed twin boys, Macon and Samuel, and added another son in May of the same year. The couple prioritizes family, and while they haven’t disclosed their youngest son’s name, it’s evident that their growing family brings them immense happiness.

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Chris and Morgane’s collaboration in music has become a defining aspect of their relationship.

While Chris Stapleton’s solo success is driven by his authentic voice and superb songwriting, Morgane’s role in his life brings a unique dimension to his music. Her contributions, both as a songwriter and singer, infuse depth and emotion into Chris’s work, making their collaborations exceptionally special. This musical chemistry is evident in hits like “Fire Away” and “Tennessee Whiskey,” where Morgane’s harmonious voice beautifully complements Chris’s distinctive sound, resulting in unforgettable music.

Chris and Morgane are undeniably a power couple. Listen to them sing “Tennessee Whiskey” live below!

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