Ever-Youthful Pianist Has Stormed With Viral Performance On Humble Street Piano

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 18, 2023

Older Lady Stuns Crowd With Public Piano Performance

In the video, “Life Goes On In Iran”, an older pianist proves that music-making is the fountain of youth, as she performs for the crowd with flair and passion

The condition of the piano itself might leave a bit to be desired, but that only adds to the astonishment of the moment as our pianist leaves onlookers utterly spellbound with her effortless virtuosity.

The amazing footage was captured in the pianist’s home city.  We think it’s such a wonderful demonstration of the love and joy of music. As it was filmed during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the crowd is filled with tourists from all different nationalities. The woman plays Hungarian Rhapsody No.2, by Franz Liszt. Between 1846 and 1853, Liszt composed 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies. This rhapsody is the second and most famous of his compositions.

Elderly Woman Leaves Crowd In Awe With Her Piano Skills

After the video went viral, the name of our mystery pianist was discovered. She is Eleonora Arkadevya Breslav, from Kazan, Russia. She graduated from the music college of Kazan in 1953 and worked as an accompanist there for five years afterwards. Eleonora also worked as an accompanist at one of the great opera and ballet houses of the world, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

Amazing Old lady playing the piano in Russia - street performance - Part 2 - Hungarian Rhapsody no 2 - YouTube

Russian pianist wows with Liszt. Picture: YouTube / Life Goes On In Iran

She plays the song effortlessly and with a massive smile on her face.

“If her fingers are so nimble at this age, you can just imagine what she was like when she was young,” remarked one YouTube viewer.

Many of the other commenters on the video remarked on how joyous she was throughout the entire performance.

“I love her smile at the end of the video,” says the filmer. And so do we.

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