Grandpa Overcome With Emotion Hearing Granddaughter Sing Song He Wrote 40 Years Ago

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 16, 2024

If you’ve ever written anything such as a poem or a song, you know the power behind these words, especially if they’re set to music. A grandfather named Mike Brooks, 69, recently experienced just how emotional any of us can become when we hear our powerful and heartfelt words brought to life.

When Mike Brooks was just 21 years old, he dreamed of joining the Army. However, he had suffered football injuries as a teenager and lost his hearing in one year. Because of this, Mike could never become the soldier he dreamed of being.

However, like most of us, Mike had the utmost respect for these brave young men and women who devoted their lives to serving their country. No one likes war, and at this time in history, most people know that the government made a lot of mistakes in the Vietnam Conflict. However, we can all recognize that when young men and women sign up to be soldiers, they’re doing it with a pureness of heart and intention. We can respect that even if we disagree about the wars our government starts or becomes involved in.

As for Mike, when he heard about one soldier’s journey in Vietnam in the 1980s, he took it upon himself to write a song that he often sang to his children. When Mike sang the song to his little children, he would become emotional just singing the lyrics. It was an emotionally powerful song.

Sudden Courage by Ronald C. Rosbottom book cover

One of Mike’s children was a little girl named Chera Willett. Chera grew up to have children of her own, but she never forgot how much it meant to her to hear her daddy sing. When she found the lyrics to her dad’s song while going through boxes in the garage one day, she began to cry as she read the lyrics her father had lovingly penned all those years ago.

Chera had a marvelous idea. She decided to pass the lyrics along to her own daughter, Karli Willett. Karli is an aspiring singer and she knew just how to surprise her beloved grandfather. The young lady decided to sing the song for her grandfather as a surprise on Christmas Eve.

The family recorded the moment that Mike heard his sweet granddaughter begin to sing his song. Watch the emotional and heartfelt video below.

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