Inspiring Viral Sensation as 5-Year-Old Self-Taught Pianist Creates Original Musical Masterpieces

ByQuyen Anne

Jul 11, 2023

It takes years of practice and self-discipline to master a skill, to ace playing a musical instrument. But this little kid

who is just 5 years old and a self-taught pianist has amazed netizens with his talent.
As per a TikTok video posted by @maxoriginalmusic and reposted on Instagram by ourmusicalfamily_, the little boy has been composing

music for the longest time.

The parents share, “Our self taught 5 year old composes piano pieces that seem to come directly from his heart. His style evolves with his moods and feelings.”

Furthermore, the parents say that Max is not focused on perfection, and that’s what is so amazing about him. At such a young age, the little man is all about expressing rather than feeling limited by his “imperfections”.
“His main intention is to get his heart song out… and he does… for hours… everyday,” the parents add.

The young musician has garnered a lot of attention on social media and parents say, “Somehow we have gathered an audience that appreciates these unique and special qualities.”

“A kind hearted group of humans who encourage the beauty, the joy and even the “imperfections”. Our family is so grateful for the love we’ve been shown and for the supportive words that are written to Max every single day,” they add.
Netizens took to the comment section and left praises for the little kid.
One user compared the 5-year-old to Ludwig van Beethoven, said, “Ludwig van Beethoven started playing the keyboard very early, at age 5. His first instructor was his own father, but his most influential early teacher was Christian Gottlob Neefe. At that time piano was not yet fully developed and most probably Beethoven started his pianist life on a harpsichord.” Had to look Beethoven up to see his age, like your little genius.”
Some users had questions. One asked, “I play by ear as well. Could you ask him if he’s playing what he’s simply singing in his head?”

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