Lewis Capaldi And Alicia Keys Dazzled Everyone With “Someone You Loved” Duet

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 3, 2024

Lewis Capaldi, renowned for his exceptional vocal prowess, embraced a new level of musical brilliance by joining forces with Alicia Keys in a captivating duet. The collaboration unfolded on the stage of the iHeartRadio Music Festival, where Capaldi took the lead vocal on his megahit “Someone You Loved.”

Lewis Capaldi & Alicia Keys - Someone You Loved LIVE at the iHeartRadio Music Festival - YouTube

Keys, an adept pianist, accompanied him with the stately piano part and contributed backup vocals, culminating in her taking the lead vocal towards the song’s conclusion.

Keys’ piano artistry blended seamlessly with Capaldi’s lead vocals, and her R&B-infused rendition of the bridge and subsequent chorus added a captivating twist to the familiar tune. The collaboration reached its pinnacle when both stars united their voices on the final chorus, creating a moment of musical beauty that resonated with the audience.

Check the incredible performance in the video below, which has ranked up 6.5 million views:

Setting the stage for the duet, Keys expressed her excitement by saying, “Imma flip it tonight. I wanna bring my friend Lewis Capaldi out to sing with us tonight.” The chemistry between them was palpable, evident in the hug they shared at the end of the performance. Keys, displaying her admiration for Capaldi, enthusiastically proclaimed, “That’s my song right there!”

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The online community echoed the sentiment, praising the duo’s musical chemistry and expressing a desire for more collaborations. Comments like “Such musical chemistry. Loved this duet combined with her piano skills. I would love to see another duet between them” flooded the digital space, underscoring the success and appeal of this remarkable onstage partnership.

Another also gave them compliments with flying colors, “When two voices come together with that tremendous feeling, that is when it makes sense to say ‘Thank you for giving us such wonderful moments.’ The two things that will always be Universal and that know no difference are Love and Music.”

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