Mesmerizing Melodies Watch Alicia Keys’ Son Display Dazzling Piano Skills

ByQuyen Anne

Jul 20, 2023

Her husband Swizz Beats shared a clip of their son Egypt confidently playing the piano.

Alicia Keys’ son has her musical ear. Her husband and Swizz Beats, who’s also involved in the music industry, shared a video of their 12 year old son Egypt playing the piano and showcasing some of his skills.

2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards – Show



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The video shows Egypt in a white tank top and some red shorts as he confidently plays the keys. As Swizz records, he approaches his son with the camera, prompting him to turn and smile as he continues to play the piano without faltering. “This boy is turning into something else,” reads the post’s caption. “EG Keys!” continued his father, prompting followers to sing something over the tune while using his son’s name in the hashtags.

Egypt is Alicia and Swizz’ eldest son. The two also have Genesis, another boy, who is eight years old. Despite his prodigious talent, Egypt has previously said that he doesn’t want to follow in his parents footsteps and that he’s interested in pursuing a completely different career. “Well, I love music, but I don’t really want to be a musician. I want to be a basketball player,” said Egypt on The Jennifer Hudson Show. Still, the piano appears to be one of his hobbies and something that he enjoys doing. “It’s fun because I like playing stuff, so when I hear it and I’m like, ‘Oh I want to play something,’ then boom, it’s on the piano,” he said.

Keys and Swizz Beats have known each other for the majority of their lives, first meeting in New York when they were teenagers. “We ended up in the same circles at various awards shows and industry events,” wrote Keys in her memoir. “He’d usually pull up in some fancy car, rolling deep with his Bronx crew and shining with diamonds. I wanted nothing to do with that scene or with Swizz.”

The two began dating in 2008 and married in 2010.

Alicia Keys’ 11-year-old son Egypt is a star in the making — and sometimes, realizing just how fast he’s growing up is enough to bring the singer to tears.

Keys, 40, opened up to People (The TV Show!)‘s Kay Adams in this week’s issue about the many mixed emotions she feels watching her son mature, and how some moments hit harder than others.

In a sweet moment that aired on her YouTube Originals docuseries Noted: Alicia Keys The Untold Story, she and Egypt, whom she shares with husband Swizz Beatz, watch a clip from the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards, during which Egypt accompanied Keys on piano as she sang “Raise a Man.”

As the pair watched the video, the “Girl on Fire” singer grew teary-eyed.

iHeartRadio Music Awards, Show, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Mar 2019

“I’m not the crying type, I’m really not,” she told Adams. “[But] you get so sensitive just [thinking] about how life goes on, and seeing him next to me and remembering that moment. That moment was the first time that he performed with me on stage, and I remember being completely so wrapped up in him being okay because I asked him to do it.”

Keys explained that her son initially demurred at the request, asking, “Do I have to?” But eventually, he agreed, sending Keys’ nerves through the roof.

“I was so nervous for him that I remember at midnight the night before the show, I realized I hadn’t even practiced,” she said. “I remember all of this and I’m sitting there watching it with him and just…how I feel about him and seeing his growth and watching him go on stage and just completely own — it just hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Alicia Keys and her son Egypt Daoud Dean perform onstage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards
Alicia Keys and her son Egypt. KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES

The former Voice coach said she’s unsure whether Egypt will pursue a career in music like his parents, but that he’ll have their full support if he does.

“He’s definitely a natural,” she said. “He’s been a natural since he was a baby, and he loves it, and I’m glad that he loves it. … He’s a lot like me. He’s the life of the party, he’s the one that kind of brings everyone together. He looks out for everyone, he’s that guy. And I love that about him.”

In addition to Egypt, Keys and Swizz Beatz (real name: Kasseem Daoud Dean) are also parents to 6-year-old Genesis, and the singer said that she’s been relishing her time spent at home with her sons.

Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and family
Alicia Keys, Genesis, Swizz Beatz and Egypt. JEFF KRAVITZ/FILMMAGIC

“I love being right square in the middle. Nobody else should be doing it aside from their dad and me,” she said. “This is our job and we love it. I have to be there.”

She and Swizz, 43, recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary — and through it all, are still “best friends.”

“We really have a really, really special connection. It’s a real thing,” she said. “I think what makes us connect so well is that we’ve both been in the business for so long. We both have a similar level of responsibilities that we’ve understood since we were 16, 17 years old. That’s a certain lifestyle that we understand.”

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