Nervous Pianist Astounds Judges With A Traditional Queen Song—With A Twist!

ByQuyen Anne

Oct 12, 2023

With one surprise after another, this “Britain’s Got Talent” audition may be our favorite of all time!

When Nicholas Bryant took took the stage in 2016, the judges seemed unsure of the 33-year-old pianist. He nervously chewed his lip as he introduced himself. Still, he was able to push back his nerves enough to start his performance of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” But it wasn’t his piano skills alone that impressed the audience the most…

“It’s a totally new arrangement that my friends helped me put together,” Nicholas explained.

Turns out, his friends didn’t just play a hand in helping him prepare for his performance – they were also an integral part of the audition itself! All of a sudden, musicians from the wings and audience begin to join in. It started with a violinist joining him on stage but, soon enough, dozens of players and singers quickly followed. You blink and suddenly there are half a dozen more of them, adding to Nicholas’ incredible song.

The entire audience (minus the ones in the act, of course) screamed as the musical performance became so much bigger than they ever imagined it would. The once-skeptical judges were even moved to their feet – and we understand why!

Watch Nicholas’ unforgettable performance below, and don’t forget to share.

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