New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Corey Kent, Temecula Road, Jake Hoot & More

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 9, 2024

Proceed with caution because this new round of music is boasting with flirtatious energy, confidence and even some rebellion. These…

Proceed with caution because this new round of music is boasting with flirtatious energy, confidence and even some rebellion. These new releases celebrate a whole new era of music that’s finally coming to light. Listeners are hearing from a slew of artists rising to the top of their game like Chase Wright, Temecula Road and Amanda Kate Ferris, as they’ve recently dropped new music.

From budding romances to a pinch of self-discovery, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Corey Kent – “How You Know You Made It”

Corey Kent’s honest new song, “How you Know You Made It,” takes listeners back to the start of his career, when his focus lied with his music more than it did at home with his family. “I was so busy chasing a dream that I couldn’t see that I had THE DREAM right in front of me the whole time,” Kent shared. In the Jay Joyce-produced track, written by Kent, AJ Prunis and Smith Ahnquist, the rising star wears his heart on his sleeve as he shifts his mindset to relish in the moment instead of constantly looking ahead for more.

 “I got a house that’s home / I got a can that’s cold / I got a hand to hold / We already made it,” Kent sings as he realizes that his definition of what it means to “make it” looks a bit different.

Stream the track HERE.

Chase Wright  – “Hurt No More”

Rising singer-songwriter Chase Wright teamed up with Kane Brown, Jeremy Bussey, Ben Johnson, Taylor Philips to write his latest track, “Hurt No More.” The Indiana native challenges himself to embrace his emotional side as he battles the temptation to retreat back to a destructive love cycle, knowing that cutting ties will better serve him. Wright continues to solidify his name in the industry as he puts forth his effortless delivery of unwavering vocals.

“Getting out of toxic relationships has always been hard for me, so I wanted to write a song that shows the other side of that goodbye,” Wright shared. “In ‘Hurt No More’ the subject of the song is finally calling it quits to their toxic back and forth. I hope this song empowers, and inspires listeners to do the same.”

Stream the track HERE.

Jake Hoot – “B4U”

The Season 17 Winner of The Voice and viral TikTok sensation, Jake Hoot, has released his highly anticipated new single, “B4U.” The tender ballad first gained attention on social media when Hoot shared a clip, causing fans to once again fall in love with the grit and twang of his vocals. Written by Hoot with Grant Vogel and Kylie Sackley, the compelling melody of his new track hones in on the realization that all the past loves that came “before you,” were just stepping stones on the path to finding his one true love.

“Before you / I was sure that I was living / Didn’t know what I was missing / Till I got to be your man,” Hoot sings.

Stream the track HERE.

Temecula Road – “Wrong Ones Do”

Temecula Road is embracing their rebellious side in the new honk-tonk anthem, “Wrong Ones Do.” This rising country duo co-wrote their latest release with Kelly Archer and Brandon Hood in an attempt to ignore the criticism they know they would receive from mama if she saw the person they’re falling for. While showing off their spirited vocals, Temecula Road turns a blind eye to all the red flags in front of them.

“I could blame the whiskey / I could blame the long line of wild in my roots / But the truth is / Sometimes nothin’ feels right like the wrong ones do / That’s why I’m fallin’ for you,” they sing in the edgy chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Roman Alexander – “Guys Like Me”

Roman Alexander steps into the next chapter of his career as he proves he’s climbing to the top of his game with a new tender-hearted song, “Guys Like Me.” With the help of his co-writers, Jared Keim and Jenn Schott, Alexander confirms that opposites do in fact attract, at least in his opinion. He might be a “stay out way too late” kinda guy, while she’s a “a stay-in on the weekend” kinda girl, but that won’t stop them from falling in love.

“We don’t add up on paper / But here we are together / Cause we just go together,” Alexander sings at the end of the charming chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Mike Gossin Feat. Cheyenne Kimball – “Let’s Ride”

For the first time in a decade, Mike Gossin got in the studio with former Gloriana bandmate, Cheyenne Kimball, to record his latest release, “Let’s Ride.” Together, they take listeners back to their days of Gloriana with their catchy harmonies and dynamic vocals that blend together so smoothly. Gossin revealed “Let’s Ride” was “born from a dream” he had about the featured artist. Then suddenly, as if the universe was trying to tell him something, Cheyenne called him up the next day. This song serves as a precursor to his upcoming solo project.

“The stars have never aligned more than they did that day because I hadn’t spoken to her in years, and I wasn’t going to ignore fate,” he shared in a release.

Stream the track HERE.

Amanda Kate Ferris – “Baby Don’t”

In her new tune, “Baby Don’t,” Amanda Kate Ferris, drew inspiration from her western influences and the sounds of some beloved female country artists to embrace this flirty love song. Written by Liz Rose, Lori McKenna, and Hillary Lindsey, the song paints a vivid picture of the moment you realize you’re falling for that one person. Using her fiery vocals, the Texas songstress tries to convince her love interest to tread lightly because the chemistry in the room is strong.

“‘Baby Don’t’ is reminiscent of the country songs that I grew up on and made me fall in love with the genre,” said Ferris. “It reminds me of early Reba McEntire and Shania Twain, two strong women who have greatly influenced my sound. I can’t wait to release this song to the fans and see how it might resonate with them as well.”

Stream the track HERE.


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