Sassy Little Girl Takes The Show Off With Her Dance Moves

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 6, 2024

Her confidence is contagious. What a sweetheart!


A country with the most people, spanning five geographical time zones and bordering fourteen countries by land, which is the most of any country in the world.

It is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, boasting of a rich history, rooted in culture, art, and many other aspects that has helped shaped the modern world today.

They love the arts, including music and dance.


In fact, music and dance have been very much a part of China’s history that each of those emperors gave importance to them.

We’re talking about every dynasty since 2100 BCE.

Yup, that old.


They’re big on honoring tradition while embracing the modern, so they teach their kids at really young ages to appreciate their ancestry before embracing modern ideologies.

This adorable little Chinese girl seems to embody those principles.

She seems like such a little sweetheart too!


The video is upload by 每日新鲜事辣目小洋子 which roughly translates to Daily Fresh Things Yoko Rame.

Her age is anyone’s guess but the way this little girl moves is totally out of this world.

You’re looking at years of practice and training here.

There’s a running joke about how Asian parents raise their kids, enrolling them in many classes and extracurricular activities to keep them busy, and that seems to apply here.


Thousands and thousands of history and culture can still be seen today should you find yourself in that part of the world.

You don’t even need to hit up the museums.

Just attend these dance events and you’ll witness culture and history easy.

She’s really into dancing. Her look, her posture, and the way she delivers those moves seems to indicate a natural, and a star in the making.


See, it’s not that simple when talking about dance in China.

Dance is a highly varied art form in the country, consisting of many modern and traditional genres.

You’ll get anything from folk dances to performances in opera and ballet.

There are also dances for public celebrations, rituals and ceremonies.

All in all, there are 56 officially recognized ethnic groups in China, so each ethnic minority group has its own folk dances.


Then you have the youth who are able to create and combine different styles.

She’s not alone either.

Look at all those kids around her, dancing away in gorgeous outfits.

It looks like a mix of ballroom and traditional, doesn’t it?


One of the few comments in English says,

“I adore this little one she has sass and attitude that says I’m going to be a star. And believe she will.”

We believe so too!


We adults can only envy this little girl’s awesome moves.

Talk about rhythm and body control.

Now imagine how much better she’ll be in a decade and more!

She’ll only get better, and perhaps bring fame and glory to her motherland.

Talk about a higher level of dedication and passion.

Check out her adorably sassy moves in the video below!

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