Sis Fata Returns Home And Is Welcomed With An Emotional Haka

ByQuyen Anne

Oct 29, 2023

Take a look at the moving and beautiful moent when a woman returning home from Honolulu is greeted by her family, who perform an emotional haka to welcome her. Of all the cultures in the world, the Maori are best known for their ceremonial dance, the haka.

It’s famously performed by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team before each match, but the internet is full of beautiful performances by students, wedding guests and other people. Although the All Blacks are all male, men and women both perform the haka. They are used to honour important guests, at weddings and funerals, and to mark big occasions.

In this lovely video, we see a woman named Sis Fata arriving with her luggage at Auckland airport. She is obviously not expecting the welcoming committee waiting for her. As she sees them, her face splits into a broad grin. The camera then pans to show what she’s smiling at. It’s the men in her family who have come to surprise her and celebrate her return.

They are already in formation, and when she notices them, they begin. They move through the ritual, and, unlike some other hakas, this one conveys nothing but love and respect. They are obviously delighted to see Sis Fata and have her back with them. Long before the haka ends, the camera cuts back to Fata, and the tears are streaming down her face.

We all know how hard it can be to be away from our family, and seeing them again can produce strong emotions. Knowing that your family loves you enough to all show up and do this is on another level.

About halfway through, an older lady, who appears to be part of the family, squeezes past the boys and goes to hug Fata. They watch the rest of the haka in each other’s arms. As the haka ends, the boys swarm over to Fata for a long-awaited reunion. This is such a lovely video, so take the time to watch it. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.

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