Story about “Paganini’s Widow” and Unlucky Talent Niccolò Paganini

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 5, 2023

Deformed in appearance, with an unpleasant and grumpy temperament, but a musical genius with an ancient and hard-to-find violin art, Niccolo Paganini was always surrounded by women after his performances, and was admired. Men are willing to forgive all manners of flirting with beauties. There has been a lot of controversy about him while he himself is a philanthropist. The fate of the famous pianist is as complicated as his own personality and it is clear that it is that impure personality that has caused his life to be constantly troubled…

Cruel childhood

One day, grocery store owner Antonio Paganini was forced to call a doctor home to treat his son. However, when he arrived, the doctor had to give up helplessly: it seemed that the boy Niccolo had no more life left.

The boy was placed in the coffin. However, when the visitation ceremony was about to end, Niccolo suddenly woke up, sat up, bewilderedly looking at the scene around him with horror… The mother rushed to hug him…

But the next day, the father put the violin in Niccolo’s hand again. Antonio Paganini, from his childhood, dreamed of becoming a great pianist. He liked to play the mandolin in his free time and perhaps it was with that mandolin that he seduced the girl Teresa to become his wife. But the dream that did not come true was focused on his first son. However, that son did not meet the father’s expectations. Teresa comforted her husband by saying that she seemed to have seen a dream in which the second child born would be a musical genius. That second child is Niccolo.

At just 5 years old, Niccolo was taught to play the mandolin by his father. When he was 7 years old, his father let him switch to playing the violin.

The first person chosen by Antonio was violinist Giovanni Servetto. Perhaps this early teacher in teaching methods was no better than Antonio himself, so Niccolo for the rest of his life probably did not consider Servetto as his “beginner” teacher in the art of violin. Growing up, Niccolo would have grown tired of holding the piano in his hand if he only thought of learning the trade the way his father and teacher Servetto instructed. Fortunately, the young talent was soon noticed by two important figures: musicians Francesco Gnecco and Giacomo Costa, capellmeister (orchestral conductor) at the church of San Lorenzo. These two people treated Niccolo respectfully and helped him very tactfully. Costa even brought talented young violinists to play with his orchestra…

It cannot be said that the father’s harsh parenting process did not leave any trace in Niccolo’s fate. Famed all his life was tormented by poor health, perhaps stemming from early hardships suffered in the family and always haunted by dark thoughts. Moreover, Niccolo must have been a person with relatively poor life skills, often misspelled and exposed many social knowledge gaps disproportionate to a famous performer…

Champion talent

Berlioz, Paganini and the Collaboration That Almost Was | WQXR Editorial | WQXR

The father decided to take Niccolo to Parma to study with a very famous musician at that time, Alessandro Rolla. To get money for his fees, Niccolo had his first performance at the Sant Angostino theater in Genoa. The money from ticket sales was not enough, so the sponsor, Gian Carlo Di Negro, organized another performance for the young man in Florence and finally, Niccolo had the money to go with his father to Parma.

In Parma, things did not go well at first. Paganini and his father tripped over a closed door in the bedroom of Rolla’s house: the venerable artist was ill, did not want to receive anyone, and no one knew when he would be able to receive guests. It’s ironic! The father and son are in danger of having to leave the sticky rice and burn it. However, Niccolo froze for a moment. The boy saw on the table a violin and some music, it was Rolla’s composition. Niccolo read curiously, felt inspired and began to pick up the piano to play those songs. From the bedroom, Rolla recognized familiar tunes and, out of curiosity, got up and went outside to see with her own eyes the person playing her tunes with talent and charm. He couldn’t help but be surprised to see that it was just a very young man. “I have nothing left to teach this boy!

Rolla introduced Niccolo to musician Fernando Paer. For his part, Paer introduced the young talent to Gasparo Ghiretti and it was with Ghiretti’s guidance that Niccolo Paganini grew up and achieved perfection as a violin player and as a composer. compose.

After Ghiretti, Paganini was a top star that no one could deny. He toured all over the cities and then to many countries. Many audiences feel dissatisfied with the sky-high ticket prices of Paganini’s shows; In response, he raised ticket prices even higher… And everyone who bought tickets to see him perform was not disappointed: Paganini’s playing style was truly unprecedented. His hands cost more than any ticket price: those hands were priceless!

Of course, along with glory, coming to Paganini are beauties. He had always been surrounded by adoring women and easily made interesting mates. The most famous of these is the singer Antonia Bianchi. The connection between these two famous characters looks so weird that it arouses a lot of controversy about them. Paganini is still considered an ugly mutant in appearance, while Bianchi is famous for his heavenly beauty and diving fish. Both of them had a flirtatious nature, publicizing their spring rolls even when they appeared to love each other the most: perhaps because Paganini was always in a weak state due to all kinds of illnesses (influenza, bone numbness, fever, inflammation). intestinal tract…) so was unable to satisfy his (unmarried) wife? However, in reality, “eternal patient” Niccolo always has enough strength to maintain extramarital relationships with all kinds of beauties…

In the end, from this unofficial marriage a son was born, named Achille Ciro Alessandro (July 23, 1825). Almost everyone suspected that it was not Paganini’s biological son, besides himself. For a long time, the famous musician had dreamed of having a child to follow, so when Achille was born, he put a lot of effort and time into taking care of the boy. When Achille was three years old, his parents, after many bitter conflicts, officially went their separate ways. Niccole won custody of his child and gave the boy his last name. To build Achille a solid future, the famous pianist worked day and night…

Tragic outcome

The Violins, and Life, of Niccolò Paganini

The constant tours with sky-high ticket prices have made people talk about the money-loving disease of celebrities. But in reality, Paganini often gives less than half of his show tickets to music students. He also spent part of the proceeds to help relatives and the needy in society. To save on personal expenses, he often buys clothes at second-hand stores.

Paganini’s great talent also caused jealous people to spread all kinds of false news. They rumored that he seemed to have committed murder and in exile had sold his soul to the devil, so he learned how to play the lute so wonderfully (!). His very unique performance style was like adding fuel to the fire of controversy… Once, malicious people cut off most of the strings, leaving only a single strand, but he still performed them all successfully. music from start to finish!

Paganini died of tuberculosis when he was less than 57 years old in Nica (France). In the last months of his life, he did not leave the house and rarely got up from bed. He kept lying on his back on the bed and touching the strings. The coffin along with his body was buried and dug up several times because of threats from local residents, who did not want their land to be “tainted” by a mutant. At that time in Europe, many people believed that Paganini was the child of the devil! It took a lot of work for Achille to find the burial place of her father…

According to the will of the famous violinist who was notorious for being “greedy and stingy”, the violins he used during his time were very rare and expensive, and were given to a number of talented music students and even artists. Colleagues were hostile to him while he was alive, but he still recognized his qualifications. He donated his favorite violin to his hometown of Genoa; That violin was later called “Paganini’s widow”.

Also in his will, Paganini forbade his son to spend money on funeral arrangements… He only wanted to spend money on others, not on himself…

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