Talented 10-Year-Old Girl Sings A Beautiful Cover Of Dolly Parton’s Famous Song ‘Jolene’

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

It’s not often you come across a voice talent that can stop you in your tracks. Especially when that talent is pouring from a young 10-year-old vocalist. Most average 10-year-olds are happy to play on the latest electronics, enjoy a videogame or 2, or sing haphazardly into a hairbrush. Jadyn Rylee isn’t most 10-year-olds. She is an old soul with a voice talent beyond her years. Recently, she covered Dolly Parton’s famous Jolene.

Jolene, it’s a song that most of us know by heart. Dolly Parton’s heart-rending lyrics are made even more poignant by her ethereal voice. That’s why when Jadyn Rylee decided to cover the song, the small power-house vocalist shocked viewers with her smooth rendition.

She stands in the sound studio of Cleveland Sound Lab. It’s just her, a pair of headphones, and a microphone. She doesn’t even look nervous! She looks like a professional vocalist, and it’s evident from the way the music moves her that it’s certainly her true calling. You can tell from the video that the lyrics call to her, it almost looks like she’s reaching out to pluck the verses from the air as she’s singing.

It’s guaranteed that she’s a star in the making, it certainly gave us goose-bumps. No amount of words can convey how jaw-dropping Jadyn’s voice and performance really is, so have a look at this video yourself:

What do you think of her performance? Do you know somebody else of that age that has such a talent? Tell us in the comments and pass this on to your friends and loved ones who might need a smile and a nice song today. 

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