Teenagers Sit Down At A Public Piano and Play Perfect “Interstellar” Cover Off Memory

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 8, 2023

Watch Ella’s version of “Interstellar” below, and be sure to share this story.

We’re all blessed with a talent of one kind or another, but some gifts make everyone sit up and take notice!Sir Elton John once showed up at London’s St. Pancras station to put on a short, free concert. When he finished, he left behind his signed black Yamaha piano for all to enjoy. As a street musician who has made a name for himself performing at public pianos, Andrei Piano often comes to the station to play the famous instrument, but one day, he stepped aside to let a young woman named Ella play.

Ella plays Interstellar on piano

Ella is just 17 years old, but she’s already a talented artist who is entirely self-taught. She started playing three years ago and has already surpassed many players with her natural abilities. As Andrei watched, Ella sat down at the famous Yamaha and began to play a magical cover of Hans Zimmer’s “Interstellar” theme. Without so much as a sheet of music in front of her, Ella’s fingers flew over the keys to produce a gorgeous, ethereal melody that quickly drew a crowd of admirers.Talk about natural talent! Something tells us Sir Elton John would be very pleased to see this video. 
Ella, The Interstellar Girl Plays An Amazing Cover On Public Piano - YouTube
Interstellar is a science fiction film co-written, directed and produced by Christopher Nolan. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, and Michael Caine. Set in a dystopian future where humanity is struggling to survive, the film follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole near Saturn in search of a new home for mankind. They encounter some issues along their journey to save mankind including landing on a watery planet where every hour they spend there, 7 years pass on Earth.
Woman Plays 'Interstellar' On Public Piano At Train StationOne of the notable aspects of the film was the movie’s incredible soundtrack and theme song. Composer Hans Zimmer, who also scored The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception once again created an unforgettable soundtrack for this film. Christopher Nolan chose not to provide Zimmer with a script or any plot details for writing the film’s music but instead gave the composer a single page that told the story of a father leaving his child for work.

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