The World of Glass Guitars And Glass Violins With N. Paganini, Sonata No.1 For Violin And Guitar, 1 R

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 3, 2023


The company Spark Decor has created a collection of unique musical instruments made of glass, giving them a body. The project “Classical Extravaganza” under the direction of Alexander Dvornichenko instilled in them the soul. The instruments came to life in the hands of talented musicians.


N. Paganini, Sonata n ° 1 for violin and guitar, 1 r.
Performed By: Evgeny Muzykant and Sergey Gorkusha

Niccolò (or Nicolò) Paganini (Italian: [ni(k)koˈlɔ ppaɡaˈniːni] (About this soundlisten); 27 October 1782 – 27 May 1840) was an Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, and composer. He was the most celebrated violin virtuoso of his time, and left his mark as one of the pillars of modern violin technique. His 24 Caprices for Solo Violin Op. 1 are among the best known of his compositions and have served as an inspiration for many prominent composers.

Paganini was in possession of a number of fine stringed instruments. More legendary than these were the circumstances under which he obtained (and lost) some of them. While Paganini was still a teenager in Livorno, a wealthy businessman named Livron lent him a violin, made by the master luthier Giuseppe Guarneri, for a concert. Livron was so impressed with Paganini’s playing that he refused to take it back. This particular violin came to be known as Il Cannone Guarnerius (“The Cannon of Guarnieri”) because of its powerful voice and resonance.[9] On a later occasion in Parma, he won another valuable violin (also by Guarneri) after a difficult sight-reading challenge from a man named Pasini.

Another aspect of Paganini’s violin techniques concerned his flexibility. He had exceptionally long fingers and was capable of playing three octaves across four strings in a hand span, an extraordinary feat even by today’s standards. His seemingly unnatural ability may have been a result of Marfan syndrome.

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