The World’s Seven Strangest Musical Instruments

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 9, 2023

Artists are people with unlimited creativity, from the food and vegetables eaten every day can become a musical instrument that creates a special melody. Let’s follow JS BACH to explore the following strange but real musical instruments in the world. You will definitely be surprised and excited.

List of the World’s Strangest Musical Instruments

1. The theremin

Strange musical instruments that don’t need to be touched still make sounds

This strange musical instrument does not need to be touched to make sound, instead the player must move his hand closer to the two “antennas” of the instrument. Invented in 1920 by Russian physicist Lev Termen, the theremin was designed in classical music. The Theremin has been popular since the movie “Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey” released in 1994.

2. Stalactite organ

The unique organ has a beautiful sound

This invention has many strange organs that use all kinds of materials to create sound but the best organ is the stalactite organ. Located in Luray Cave (USA), the stalactite organ is the work that most reminds people of Leland W. Sprinkle. To perfect the invention, he experimented many times, scraping stalactites in the cave and connecting it to the central keyboard.

This 37-note organ has the same operating mechanism as a traditional organ thanks to the transmission system of wires and rubber hammers to create a melodious sound that blends with the space of the cave, making the organ’s sound unique. more special.

3. Vegetable orchestra

7 Strangest Musical Instruments In The World 10
A group of strange musical instruments played with vegetables

The name sounds very funny, but the artists are very serious when playing with these familiar foods. The vegetable orchestra was founded in 1998 in Vienna (Austria). They play a variety of music on fresh vegetables, from pumpkins made into drums to flutes made from carrots. In order not to waste anything, people used the remaining vegetables to make soup to serve to the audience after the performance.

4. Harmonica

7 Strangest Musical Instruments in the World 11
Just press your finger on the edge of the cup if you want to play this strange instrument

The next name among the strange musical instruments in the world is the harmonica, which is made up of 37 cups tied together and has an additional rotating shaft to create a beautiful, melodious sound. In fact, some great composers such as Mozart and Beethoven once played works with the harmonica, but now this type of instrument is no longer popular.

To play this type of instrument, you just need to press your fingers against the walls of the cups like piano keys and enjoy the sounds it brings.

5. Singing Ringing Tree

Image of The Singing Ringing Tree | 1023161
The music player is both a strange musical instrument and an impressive sculpture

The organ is built from pipe sections of different lengths. When the wind passes through the pipes, it creates a deep sound that sometimes reaches a pitch of one octave. Original 3 meter towers on a hill in Lancashire (England). Not only is it a sculpture, but it is also a unique musical instrument completed by designers Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu in 2006.

6. Sea organ

7 Strangest Musical Instruments In The World 13
A great organ creates sound thanks to ocean waves pushing air through pipes

This musical instrument building in Zadar (Croatia) includes a system of bellows and horns by famous architect Nikola Bašić. The design was inspired by the Hydraulis – a musical instrument that uses water to push air through a tube to create sound. In Greek times, he created a sea organ with 7 different sounds and 5 tones thanks to the push of ocean waves. Air passes through pipes of various lengths and diameters. Inside there are separate horns, pipes and wires to create low and high sounds.

7. Hydraulophone

7 Strangest Musical Instruments In The World 14
The sound of this strange musical instrument is extremely unique

As the name suggests, this strange musical instrument produces sound using hydraulics. The instrument gives players a variety of musical experiences by covering the water jets to create different pitches. The Hydraulophone can be considered a hybrid instrument between an underwater flute and a pipe organ. The instrument looks odd, but the sound it produces is not too difficult to hear and is very unique.

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