This 15-Year Old Singer Stole The Show On Britain’s Got Talent

ByQuyen Anne

Nov 1, 2023

Isaac Waddington is a singer and pianist who’s career gained attention while on the ninth season of Britain’s Got Talent. 

In this very special performance, Isaac chose to perform the sultry song, “Can’t Make You Love Me.”

The 16-year-old shows so much heart and emotions in every word and note it’s nearly impossible not to be wide-eyed watching him on stage.

And it’s clear the judges felt the same as all four followed the song with standing ovations!

Share his age-defying talent today, spread some joy!

It’s rare you’d actually see a musical act on Britain’s Got Talent and think they’re actually too good for the show.

That happened last night with 15-year old Isaac Waddington and his performance of Billy Joel classic She’s Always A Woman.

We’re not going to go into it too much, but simply let the video itself do all the talking.

So yeah, we think you’ll agree that this young lad shouldn’t be anywhere near a show like Britain’s Got Talent.

As you’d expect, Isaac was put straight through and we’ll no doubt see him again at the finals.

Here’s the original Billy Joel track, just for comparison.

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