Touching Piano Melodies 4-Year-Old Autistic Boy Inspires Millions with His Piano Skills

ByQuyen Anne

Jul 20, 2023

After being bought for an organ by her mother, Zuozuo (China) quickly showed her musical talent, being able to memorize melodies after a few practice sessions or play the instrument while blindfolded.

  • The boy did not show an interest in music until he was three years old when his mum bought him an electric keyboard
  • The mother said her son’s love of music had given her a ray of hope as she raises an autistic son

Zuozuo showed his musical talent at the age of 3.

Mother Zuozuo, from Sichuan province, said her son started showing an interest in music when he was 3 years old. To confirm, she bought her son an organ and noticed that he had a positive response, according to  the South China Morning Post.

After that, Zuozuo quickly showed his talent with this instrument.

” He is very interested and plays the piano every day ,” the mother said. The 4-year-old is also very good at memorizing songs. If the melody is not too complicated, I can remember and play it myself after only about 10 times of practice. Currently, the boy can play more than 40 songs.

In a clip going viral on social media, Zuozuo plays a song with only his right hand and then moves it to his left, confidently handling the notes. Not only that, but she can also play the piano while blindfolded.


Cậu bé tự kỷ bất ngờ nổi tiếng nhờ clip bịt mắt chơi piano-2

Although grieving because her son has autism, Zuozuo’s mother said she feels comforted and grateful when her son has music by his side.

“It’s like when God closes a door, another door opens somewhere. That gives me hope,” the mother shared.

Zuozuo’s story also received the attention of millions of people on social networks. Many people encouraged me to continue pursuing my love of music.

“Looks like God opened a big door for the boy and the light is shining through the gap ,” one person commented.

Stories of children possessing talent are always a shared topic on Chinese social networks. Last week, a 9-year-old boy named Zhang Heyi also became famous for his extensive knowledge of insects.

Zhang even has up to 10 million followers when sharing clips about the behavior of insects, cockroaches, ants to insects that few people in the city know. At school, the boy even won the “living encyclopedia” award for his rich knowledge.

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