Unbelievable! Johnny Mathis’ 1958 “Winter Wonderland” Song Still Hits Home Today

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 6, 2024

The video makes me want to be a kid again.

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the holiday season.

Chances are, the smooth, comforting voice of Johnny Mathis crooning ‘Winter Wonderland’ might float through your mind.

But did you know Johnny’s journey to musical fame started in a cozy living room in San Francisco?


The fourth of seven kids, it was in this humble setting that his dad, who had a knack for music himself, put together a piano piece by piece and taught young Johnny his first tunes.

This was the start of something big, something that would one day make Johnny a household name.


There’s a unique feeling that comes with hearing Mathis’ version of ‘Winter Wonderland’ from his 1958 album ‘Home for Christmas’.

It’s akin to being wrapped in a warm, nostalgic blanket.

His voice having been perfected through decades of dedication, training with vocal coach Connie Cox, and countless performances in church choirs and local events, makes the song ring in a special way.

It’s as if every note he sings is a nod to those early days, surrounded by family, which has helped make this song a classic that stands the test of time.


Johnny’s life story is a fascinating one that’s filled with twists and turns.

Before immersing himself in the world of music, he was on track to become a sports star.

He excelled in the high jump at San Francisco State College, even coming close to joining the 1956 Olympic team. But life had a different plan.


Music was Johnny’s true love.

The pivotal moment in his musical career came when he met co-owner of the Black Hawk nightclub, Helen Noga.

She saw his potential and became his manager, helping him land a deal with Columbia Records.

It was a decision that changed his life and enriched ours with his timeless tunes.


‘Winter Wonderland’ is a timeless display of Johnny Mathis’ incredible talent and his ability to capture the essence of the Christmas spirit in a song.

His journey in music has culminated in a remarkable blend of skill, dedication, and a touch of something more magical.


Johnny Mathis’ 60-year career shows his enduring impact on the music industry.

His first album, ‘Johnny Mathis: A New Sound In Popular Song’, paved the way for a series of hits that would establish him as a music legend.

His ballads, like ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ and ‘It’s Not For Me To Say’, are still beloved classics that continue to rock his unique flair for infusing songs with romance and emotion.


Despite his incredible fame, Mathis has always remained humble and true to his roots.

He enjoys life’s simple pleasures, like a round of golf or whipping up a meal, a skill he picked up from his mother.

These hobbies, along with his undying passion for music, reveal a man who is as down-to-earth as he is talented, a star who hasn’t let the spotlight change who he is at heart.


From his early days in a modest San Francisco apartment to the dizzying heights of fame, his rendition of this Christmas classic embodies the holiday spirit in every note.

As his voice echoes through time, it reminds us of the joy, wonder, and magic that music can bring into our lives.

See Johnny Mathis set the tone for the season in his “Winter Wonderland” music video below!

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