Young Woman Steps Up To The Public Piano And Makes It Extraordinarily Memorable With Queen’s Megahit

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 16, 2023

Picture yourself in a sun-soaked public square, where late summer reigns and people are out and about, reveling in the simple joys of sunshine and people-watching.

In the midst of this quintessentially pleasant day, a young woman named Ariane Racicot casually approaches a public piano.

And then, the atmosphere shifts.

As her fingers dance over the keys, diving into the iconic melodies of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” an ordinary day turns into something extraordinarily memorable for everyone in attendance.


So, who exactly is this young pianist holding the crowd spellbound with her virtuoso performance?

A quick visit to Ariane’s Facebook profile reveals that she’s a jazz piano student at the University of Montreal.

Although her academic journey surely includes the study of complex scales, technical exercises, and the cultivation of a unique “piano attitude,” mastering a complex and epic song like “Bohemian Rhapsody” demands the application of everything she’s learned and more.


Now, let’s give some credit to the genius behind this unforgettable song.

Freddie Mercury, the legendary frontman of the British rock band Queen, originally composed it on the piano.

And let me tell you, when Freddie created this song, he pulled out all the stops.

There are no “fist-pumping punches” held back; it’s a rollercoaster of high-energy chords and nuanced fingering that makes any performance of the piece a challenge worth taking.


If you need further testimony to the greatness of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” consider its monumental impact on the music world.

Queen’s status in rock ‘n’ roll history has been solidified, to a large extent, due to this singular track.

Universal Music Group even labeled it as the most-streamed song of the 20th century.

The Guardian adds another layer to the song’s accolades by praising its “huge variety of styles – from intro, to ballad, to operatic excess, to hard-rock, to reflective coda.”


Considering all these elements, it becomes crystal clear why the song is a perfect choice for a public performance.

It’s not just a prog-rock gem; it’s a captivating journey in piano playing that can grip the hearts of an audience in any setting.

And in a city like Montreal, where winter unleashes its icy wrath for much of the year—clocking in 109 snowy days according to—every sunlit moment is a precious gift not to be squandered.


The brilliant initiative making all this possible in Montreal is called “Piano of the cities, piano of the fields.”

Thanks to this program, pianos are strategically placed in intriguing spots around the city, welcoming anyone with an urge to unleash their inner musician.

The idea has struck a chord globally, inspiring other cities to provide their citizens and tourists alike with the opportunity to enjoy impromptu musical moments.

Young woman steps up to public piano and captures everyone's attention with Queen megahit

Occasionally, a hidden gem like Ariane emerges to serenade the unsuspecting public.

For those curious about the song’s standing, Billboard Magazine ranks “Bohemian Rhapsody” as Queen’s number one track, saying, “Even Queen’s quiet sounded big, and its big was designed to shake the Earth.”

Just imagine if Ariane takes on other Queen favorites like “Under Pressure” or the stadium anthem “We Will Rock You” next time she sits down at a public piano!


On the topic of Queen, have you ever wondered why the band chose such a regal name?

Freddie Mercury himself offered some insight in his biography, Somebody to Love: “It’s just a name, but it’s very regal obviously… It’s a strong name, very universal and immediate. It had a lot of visual potential and was open to all sorts of interpretations,” he mused.


Finally, as Ariane’s performance reaches its climax and she gently navigates the soft and melodic last bars of the song, the crowd can no longer contain their joy.

They burst into enthusiastic applause, with some shouting for more.

A sweet little girl in a pink polka-dot skirt even leaves some coins on Ariane’s piano bench, signaling a collective, heartfelt ‘thank you.’

The encounter leaves not just Ariane blushing but also makes an indelible imprint on everyone fortunate enough to have been there.

And for the rest of us?

Thanks to the exceptional camera work capturing this event, we can revisit this magical moment as often as we like.

So sit back, imagine the warm sunshine draping over your shoulders, and lose yourself in Ariane’s captivating rendition of one of the greatest songs ever crafted.

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