After An Exhausting Day At The Hospital, a Pianist Nurse Surprises Everyone With a Late-Night Performance

Byvu lita

Dec 15, 2023

It was a treat for those at the hospital when a health worker played the piano like a master one early morning.

piano playing nurse

Danielle Herby, a health worker at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida in Fort Myers, was on break in the early hours when she heard a beautiful melody. She discovered another health worker, clad in his scrub suit and mask, playing a captivating rendition of Michael Buble’s ‘Feeling Good’ on the piano.

This talented pianist, known as Foley, works as an emergency department technician at the hospital. Taking a break to de-stress, he was absorbed in his music, unaware of the attention he was drawing. Moved by his performance, Danielle recorded it and uploaded the video on TikTok, where it quickly went viral, spreading to platforms like Instagram.

Watch: Nurse’s Stunning Piano Performance At Hospital

‘So I went down to the lobby last night to play a little and de-stress… didn’t know I was being recorded,’ Foley shared. He was surprised to see himself on Instagram stories later. The video garnered widespread attention, even reaching his mother, Jillian, who expressed immense pride online. ‘My son at work on his break… we saw this floating around online!’ she said. As reported by the Western Journal, the video had over 5 million views as of last Wednesday. Viewers were deeply moved, some even brought to tears by his performance. Foley had previously played ‘Feeling Good’ in the main lobby of Health Park in Fort Myers.

@dnherby I’m posting more of these, remember to thank your local healthcare workers ❤️????#ForYouPizza #HealthCare #Piano #Healthcareworker #Covid19 ♬ original sound – D herby

‘I am blessed to have witnessed this and to have taken my break at the same time,’ Danielle said, vowing to continue posting Foley’s videos to honor healthcare workers.

Foley’s dual talents of medical service and music bring healing and joy, a reminder of the impact simple acts of kindness can have. Danielle’s sharing of the video not only brightened Foley’s day but inspired him and others to spread joy in their own ways.

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