After dozing off on the piano, this adorable cat receives a “Meowzart meowssage.”

Byvu lita

Jul 3, 2023

Do you find it annoying when you go to a piano to take a nap and someone else starts playing Mozart? That’s not how Habruru, a very laid-back cat, sees it, though.

He’s either the world’s laziest cat or a tremendous music enthusiast. In the video below, aptly named “Meowzart: Rondo Alla Turca Meowssage,” Habruru is shown dozing off on the piano strings while his owner plays the instrument.

Through his amazing antics, Habruru has amassed over 76 million views on YouTube alone. Since it launched in 2012, his channel has grown to about 500,000 subscribers.

However, Habruru doesn’t post any of his own YouTube videos. He’s too slothful to do it. So that task falls to his owner, a Vietnamese musician by the name of Thy Minh, whose deft piano playing has garnered millions of viewers worldwide. Here’s Thy again, playing the piano for two kitties.

It’s amazing that in certain footage, Habruru manages to really nod off while watching his brilliant owner perform, given how much is going on around him.

This is a fantastic YouTube channel for those days when you need a pick-me-up type video to watch, as you can see the man sleeping with the soft massage of the piano banging on his face and back. Visit Habruru’s YouTube channel and subscribe if you enjoy cats for more lazy cattery!

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