Captivating Performance of 14-year-old Teenager, Mesmerizes Judges with Soulful Singing, Prompting a Stunning Reaction

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Jan 11, 2024

The Voice is a reality television singing contest that originated in the Netherlands and first aired in 2010.

Since then, seven different versions of The Voice have been produced by other countries all over the world.

Some countries decided to keep the original format of the singing competition, while others came up with twists and formats.

The Voice Kids

The successful reality television singing contest welcomes singers of all ages and genres; there are The Voice Kids, The Voice Teens, The Voice Senior, The Voice Rap, The Voice All-Stars, The Voice Generations, and The Voice Native Songs.

The Voice Kids (a British TV series) premiered in 2017 and recorded a total of 41 episodes in 7 seasons as of this writing.

During one of its seasons, a girl hundreds of miles away from London decided to try her luck and auditioned for the prestigious singing contest.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Holly.

She was only 14 years old when she joined the second season of the British series The Voice Kids.

Hailing all the way from Aberdeen, Scotland, this young girl bravely pursued her dream of becoming a singer.

According to Holly’s mom, she has always been a member of the choir and soul band at school.

“She just sings all the time,” the proud mom told The Voice Kids.

Singing is definitely Holly’s first love, and there’s no doubt about it.

“It makes me feel like there’s no one else around, and it’s just me. I just love it. I love it so much,” the then-14-year-old girl said.

The ‘Blind Auditions’

With Holly was her dream of making it big as a singer, and the first step in front of her was the ‘Blind Auditions’.

It’s perhaps the most feared step of the competition because it’s where auditionees have their “break or make” moment.

“I’m feeling nervous, but I’m excited to show the coaches what I can do,” said Holly before stepping into the spotlight.

“I’m extremely proud of Holly; she’s really going to enjoy her performance; we just can’t wait to see it,” her proud mom confidently said.

Holly first took a deep breath, and seconds later, she started singing the heartfelt lyrics of ‘One Last Song’ by Sam Smith.

Though she looked pretty nervous, she still managed to pull through by starting low and slow and hitting all the notes right.

But then she took off and went straight to cloud nine with her powerful voice!

The audience then started cheering for her while all three coaches were tempted to push their respective red buttons.

With the help of the convincing powers of the audience, coach Pixie Lott finally pressed hers, which elated Holly’s face.

Surprisingly, at the final note of her song, coach Danny Jones also pushed his red button.

It was then a battle between coaches Pixie and Danny as to who Holly would choose to be her coach.

They had lots of praise for the teen.

“You were amazing! Your tone is just so beautiful! I just love it when singers mean what they’re singing. You have that. I absolutely loved it,” said coach Pixie.

“I was quite upset when Pixie turned, so I was like, I’m going to enjoy this performance and turn at the last minute, and then you turn. You know there was so much soul in your voice, and I’m excited. I’ve already got ideas of what songs we could do,” said coach Danny Jones to convince the young singer.

Tensions were high between Holly and the two coaches, but in the end, she decided to go with Pixie.

The two shared a warm hug, and Holly rushed backstage to do the same to her mom, who was as happy as her with the result of her audition.

Watch Holly’s winning piece in the ‘Blind Auditions’ in the video below!

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