Charming Siblings Mesmerize the Audience with Their Exceptional Violin Performance on ‘Little Big Shots’

Byvu lita

Jul 26, 2023

Little Big Shots is Australia’s newest talent show, hosted by comedian and actor Shane Jacobson. Instead of having judges and prizes, this series is all about celebrating the world’s funniest and most talented kids.

In this heartwarming episode, Jacobson welcomes a ten-year-old violin virtuoso to the stage. Jude Owens-Fleetwood wows the audience with his lightning-fast bowing, and we can hardly believe our eyes.

As it turns out, Jude isn’t the only one in the family with striking musical talent. It isn’t long before his just-as-talented little brother appears, far from afraid to steal the spotlight.

Just as Jude is joined by five-year-old Lewis Owens-Fleetwood, the crowd erupts into thunderous applause over the two brothers. We’re not sure what’s cuter, these two’s adorable banter or their completely in-sync musicality.

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