Chloe Chua, a 13-Year-Old Violin Prodigy, Delivers a Masterful Performance Roasting TwoSet Violin

Byvu lita

Jul 18, 2023

TwoSet Violin got roasted by a kid.

On Sunday (09/20/2020), the classical comedy duo (composed of Eddy Chen and Brett Yang) shared a new video where they booked a master class with Singaporean violin prodigy Chloe Chua.

In the video, the 13-year-old world-class violinist guides Chen and Yang as they learn how to play ‘Paganiniana,’ one of the most difficult pieces in the violin repertoire, and completely roasts them (rather sweetly). The 17-minute clip sees Chua give the comedic duo—who have been playing violin for over 20 years—tips and demonstrations on how to play the piece better and easier.

Chua rose to fame after her stunning performance of Antonio Vivaldi‘s ‘Winter’ and becoming 2018’s joint winner of the Junior 1st Prize at the Menuhin Competition in Geneva.

TwoSet Violin have been sharing videos that depict life as a classical musician since 2014, inspiring musicians across the globe with their sense of humor and lamentable “imperfectness.”

Watch the video below.

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