Delivery Guy Shows Off Insane Piano Skills At Sterling Heights Home

Byvu lita

Apr 12, 2024

A family in Sterling Heights ordered a pizza for dinner, but were treated to both dinner and a show. Julie Varchetti said her husband ordered Hungry Howie’s Pizza for dinner Wednesday night for their family. When the pizza delivery driver arrived, he noticed the family’s piano and asked if he could play. And it turned out he was a piano prodigy. His name is Bryce Dudal and he’s 18 years old. He is just a regular guy who delivers pizza for a living. That is of course until he sits at a piano. Then he becomes superhuman.

Julie Varchetti said her husband was home with the kids when he decided to get a pizza delivered from Hungry Howie’s. She wasn’t home, but was blown away when her husband sent her a video of Bryce mastering their rarely-used piano. She couldn’t help but share the teen’s talent with others.

What makes his performance amazing is the fact that he didn’t take any piano lessons neither did he visit a music school. On the contrary, he is a self-taught piano virtuoso. As he said in the video he started teaching himself how to play when he was seven and he really nails it. He even admits that he hadn’t really been playing much lately and he doesn’t sound like he has some plans to start a music career any time soon. Julie posted a video of him on Facebook that went viral within hours. Then the local news did a story on him.

He admits that with all the attention he gets because of the video, which is really inspiring, he is considering a career change. “This right here is maybe a big step for me to get back into music,” the teen said. Dudal said he’s found the piano to be helpful in dealing with the ups and downs of life. “It’s always a big stress reliever to be able to just bust out some Beethoven or Mozart,” Dudal said.

There is this video of another talented pianist but guess what? – he has been travelling around the world transporting a piano with him. Dotan Negrin e decided to sell all his possessions, buy a truck and set out around the world with the only two essentials he needed – his adorable dog, Brando, and a 500-pound upright piano. Five years later and the adventurous duo have visited over 300 cities in 21 countries, sharing his love of music with people from the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe and he is not stopping anytime soon. In this video Dotan decides to shake up a busy street in New York. He sits on a chair ready to start his amazing solo performance. This street performance is only a reminder of how special music and art can be because even though we too have two arms and ten fingers, we cannot even come close to melting the keys of a piano like he does.

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